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    How to improve body resistance to cold

    Searching for information about improving body resistance to cold? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    My son is 3 years old. He is very cranky, but every now and then with little exposure to air or cool breeze he catches cold. I start medication as soon as he catches cold because later it turns to cough and cough congestion with wheezing. It doesn't go until we use a nebulizar. Every time when he catches cold doctors prescribes him antibiotic. Actually I will not be willing to give because antibiotic is not good for so small kid. I try many home medicines to him.
    Is there is any homeopathy or ayurvedic treatment which can give him relief? Every now and then his cold problem is not allowing him to improve his health also.
    I don't mind giving any home medicines regularly to him instead of giving allophathy medicines.
    Experts: do advice.
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    Since your child is three years old and catches cold very often, you may try the following tips to alleviate the symptoms-
    1) Honey- You may offer your child half tea- spoon of honey two times daily either allowing the child to lick the same or may be added in the milk so that he consumes the same. The honey is antifungal, antivirus and antibacterial in nature and hence even for the administration of honey for five to six days will cure him from cough and cold.
    2) Offer enough fruits - Apples, Oranges, Grapes contain enough antioxidants apart from Vitamin- C and hence regular consumption of these Frits would enhance the immunity of the child thereby protecting him from cold.
    3) Use of Probiotics - Probiotics contain abundant amount of good bacteria and as such the baby may be given curd in the day- time to take care of cold.
    4) Almond - the almond contains benificial nutrients such as Potassium, Magneseim, Calcium, Vitamin C and A - all act in the strengthening of the immunity - symptom.
    5) Tulasi - leaves - Take three to four Tulasi - leaves and throughly rinsing the same, add the leaves in 100 ml of water and the same is to be boiled till the volume is reduced to half. After cooling the same allow the baby to drink the same. The same may repeated twice in a day. The Tulasi contains eugenol - an antioxidant useful in strengthening the immunity ultimately taking care of cough and cold.
    You may approach an Homoeopath so that cough and cold problems can be addressed without having side- effects.

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    Using black tea with basil leaves, taking chyawanapras regularly, consuming buttermilk (during heavy cold) by slightly heated will highly helpful for improving body resistance to cold.

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    First of all you get treated the child as per doctor. Take complete 5 or 7 days course of antibiotics with astheline syrup. In bronchitis broncos are filled with mucus and there is a continuous cough and difficulty in breathing so do not apply your brain go as per doctor advice.
    how to increase resistance-
    1.Do not give child chocolate and cool drinks/ cold water, cold food items
    2.give warm water to drink when affected with cold not run the fan over the child while sleeping
    4.use warm cloths when exposing to cold environment such as AC, hill station, early 5.morning and late evening on motorcycle/scooty.
    Now you can look for alternative treatmentsuch as Homeopathy

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    Balanced diet with regular exercise and adequate exposure to outside environment can help in increasing the resistance of body to cold.
    If a person is working in a comfortable air conditioned environment and has got same facility in his house also then whenever he gets exposed to outside cold environment the body will not be able to adopt it easily. A balanced life style can only help in making the body resistance to all sorts of changes like cold or heat.
    A person doing regular exercises and other health awareness activities with balanced diet can achieve the goal of increasing resistance to cold.

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    Remember, prevention is better than cure. If your baby suffers from frequent colds, it indicates that he is getting exposed to elements that give him a cold. Identify if what he suffers from is a cold or an allergy. In children, the symptoms usually are the same, though the treatment might differ.
    Here are a few home remedies that you can try to help build his immunity and ease discomfort –
    1. Dry roast 100 grams of carom seeds (ajwain) and around 10 flakes of garlic. Wrap them in a muslin cloth or a soft piece of fabric from an old vest and place the same on your son's chest, back and the soles of his feet. The ingredients should emit heat when in use, so warm the little pouch in the microwave or reheat the ingredients each time. The pouch should be warm and not hot. Doing so relieves chest congestion.
    2. Alternatively, you can make a concoction using ½ cup of mustard oil to which 10 grams carom seeds and 4 crushed garlic flakes are added and heated. Cool the concoction and rub on his chest, back and soles of his feet.
    3. Chicken soup is excellent for frequent colds.
    4. Include foods like garlic, ginger, and onions in his meals.
    5. Soak almonds overnight, peel, pound, fry in a little ghee, add to sweetened milk and let him drink it.
    6. Give him an egg a day, preferably boiled.
    7. In winter and dry weather conditions place an open container of water, in the room where he sleeps. This will maintain right humidity levels and prevent colds.
    8. If there is a nasal blockage, sit with your child in the bathroom, with the hot water from the geyser running. The steam filled bathroom will help clear his nose.
    9. Make sure your child is always warm and include healthy foods in his diet.

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