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    What are disadvantages of alcohol and how to avoid hangover?

    Looking out for information about the pros and cons of using alcohol? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Is there any benefit of alcohol? What are the bad effects to our body and how to avoid taking alcohol?
    If there is a hangover due to alcohol drinking then wjhat are the remedies?
    If there is any benefit of taking alcohol and what is the right procedure to consume?
    Experts: do respond.
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    Basically consuming alcohol in enough quantity is definitely bad.But some people gets benefits of it by consuming in a proper manner.

    Get one or two packs before sleep help you to get a good sleep.

    Help you to get quick relief from cough and cold,if you are suffering.


    Excessive and daily consuming make your liver failure.

    It may be the cause of your neurological problem.

    Despite that it would interrupt in your social and personal life too.
    - Bring partitions in relationship.
    -Imbalance social status.
    -Become hindrance toward developments, etc

    There are different causes for hangover after consuming alcohol.
    1) Starter- Those who just start having alcohol.
    2)Cocktail- Used to have different alcohol brand at the same time.
    3)Hard Pack- Sometimes hard pack may cause hangover.

    Refief from hangover :
    -Best way to get relief from hangover is to take precaution while consuming alcohol.
    -Take as much as lemon juice without sugar.
    -Avoid all the foods that push up your hangover like food that contain oil and sugar,egg,paneer etc.
    -Take excessive amount of water to flow out alcohol from your body by the way of urine.


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    On drinking, alcohol enters the blood stream and its effects begin showing generally within 10 minutes. The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) which is the amount of alcohol present in the blood stream goes on increasing on continuing drinking. The high level of BAC causes impairments like reduced inhibitions, slurred speech, motor impairment, confusion, memory problems, concentration problems, breathing problems, coma and finally death.
    The other risks associated with drinking alcohol are accidents involving vehicle crashes, risky and violent behavior and tendency for suicide and homicide.
    Excessive drinking over a period of time affects vital organs like brain, heart, liver, pancreas, immune system and leads to cancer.
    Moderate drinking is defined as up to 1 drink per day for women and up to 2 drinks per day for men.
    Moderate alcohol consumption may have certain beneficial effects on health like decreased risk for heart disease and mortality due to heart disease, decreased risk of ischemic stroke and decreased risk of diabetes etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Alcohol is not an essential item for human consumption. It has only industrial uses. Alcohol, chemically is a great solvent an hence is used vastly in chemical industries. In this way it finds its uses in low quantum parentage in many medicines. It is also used as fuel in labs and clinics.

    Even in small quantities alcohol is harmful for body. It is very rightly said that first you take alcohol, then alcohol takes you.

    Hangover is because of presence of alcohol still in body. Each one has a tolerance level depending on his body weight, structure, age and health condition. When having hangover, taking water for dilution and disposal by sweat and urine is the best. One should take more rest to allow body to dispose the alcohol and repair the body. One should not starve, but take sufficient food that will not have high oil or spices in them. If vomiting comes it is better to allow it and not to prevent it forcefully.

    The right thing is not to consume alcohol at all. Alcohol consumption can lead to addiction, which in turn can lead to physical, psychological and social issues and affect the social cost and social health o the country also.

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    Drinking alcohol is no a bad thing, it has some benefits to out body, but if you are aware about what can be happen by excessive drink? First of all I would like to mention about the disadvantages ( which mostly happen), due to excess drink people loose their brain, get high temper, suffer from diabetic and increase the blood pressure. Face accident on road due to illusion, memory loss, lots of physical problems like liver,kidney damage, heart stroke etc.
    But if you can drink it properly like 1-2 peg on weekends then it is good for you.
    It will reduce your heart problems, it increase smoothness and brings glow in your skin.
    Now about hangover, normally after drinking alcohol, it get mixed with blood for which the oxygen supply to the brain get strucked. SO next morning just try to drink 2-3 Glass of either Normal water, lemon juice, or Glucose water. Which might not give instant relief, but by diluting your alcohol through this method and it will come out by your urine, stool and sweating. Also take a good shower to keep your brain and body cool.

    Now how to take a proper drink for benefit.
    Never ever take alcohol on empty stomach. Normally people choose Non veg and spicy food while drink, but this is not the proper way.
    Always drink with very less spicy foods, Have some green salad first then order for your meal with drink, after 1-2 peg start eating your foods. Your drink should be properly diluted with sufficient water. Avoid using soda or cold drinks in your alcoholic drink. Take it with plain water.

    N.B- But no body remember all these after taking 2 pegs, so please avoid drinking alcohol.

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    There are only disadvantages in taking alcohol. Actually by consuming alcohol there are only bad effects to our body.
    Heavy drinking can lead to liver cancer, known as alcoholic hepatitis, and cirrhosis, or other liver disorders. It also increases blood pressure, can damage the heart muscle and plays a very important role in the development of several cancers, including breast, colon, mouth and liver. In addition, heavy drinking increases the risk for osteoporosis, particularly in young women, says University of Rochester Medical Center. Alcohol can disrupt sleep patterns and lead to weight gain, given that it serves up 7 calories per gram without offering any nutrients . Drinking can also cloud your judgement, paying the way for destructive decisions.
    These are the disadvantages that I had read in one article recently.
    There is no advantages or benefits of consuming alcohol.
    I heard but don,t believe that slight quantity of alcohol is added in alophathy medicines, but there it is added in measured quantity for certain medicine.
    But daily consuming it by purchasing from the shop is not good...
    Hope if your edict to it, Please stop it, because your family will suffer than you.

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