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    What kind of Preventive Medical Check - up is required, reaching age 40?

    Health problems and health check-ups required at the age of 40.

    A man crossed at the age of 40, he face so many health problems in his life. The most important health problem is blood pressure and then sugar complaint, eye check up. We go for health check-up reaching age 40 or after facing health problems?

    Normally, upper class peoples go for check-up regularly, but middle class people has not go for check-up. The reason is economic problem.
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    Preventive health check up is essential to prevent from the health - issues to come up in the later stage. These include heart - complication, elevation of sugar - level, deterioration of eye - sights and thyroid - disorder etc.
    1) A simple blood - test in the empty stomach can analyse the following abnormalities -
    a) Fasting Blood Sugar - to ensure that blood - sugar is normal. The normal - range is between 70 and 100.
    HB1AC - This test indicates to what extent the blood - sugar remains under control. If the number is equal to or less than 5.7, the sugar - level is under excellent - control.
    2) liver - function test - there are a number of parameters such as SGOT, SGPT, Billrubin - content, Protiens - total etc to evaluate the liver - functioning.
    3) Lipid - profile - This test would ensure how far the Cholesterol - level is being maintained. Normal - range is below 200. Triglycerides, too, is an important parameter for the evaluation of trans - fat, the normal number being less than 200.
    4) Kidney - function Test - This test would evaluate how far the Kidney is functioning. Creatnine - value for male should be under 1.1 and for the ladies, it should be below 0.6.
    5) Thyroid Profile - test - The normal value for TSH is within the range 0. 35 and 5.0 and values not fitting to the range would Indicate the disorder.
    6) Blood - hemogram - This test would determine a number of parameters, the important being Hemoglobin, the healthy range of the same being 13 and 17.
    7) ECG - This test is being carried out to ascertain the functioning of the hearts.
    The tests indicated above are the basic tests to gauge the functioning of vital body - parts and apart from it. The patient should go in for Eye - test and Hearing - test.
    The total cost would not go beyond 1500/- but on consultation to a government hospital, changes would be quite affordable. However the health - test should not be ignored and at least the same should be maintained yearly.

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