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What is endorsement of brands?

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We often hear/read about celebrities endorsing certain products or brands. How endorsing a brand is different from advertising a product/brand? Can a celebrity endorse the same type of product e.g soap or hair oil manufactured by two different companies?

COmparison between endorsing a brand and advertising about that brand.

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When it comes to the advertisement the person is said to play the character role in the ad. However the endorsement part comes in when the person uses his reputation or the credibility to vouch for the product. This means that person implies that he or she trusts the product. And that is what the endorsement means for the brands. Endorsements includes products campaigns and appealing to the masses how you trust the product. This sort of process has more work than the advertisement. Also the in case of false advertising the person may get sued. Brands ask the celebrity to endorse the products in ads, movies, social media where the celebrity follows.

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What is brand endorsement by a celebrity?
Brand endorsement is also a sort of focused advertisement strategy wherein a well known icon celebrity lends his or her name and fame to vouch for and promote a particular brand or product. For this the manufacturer enters into a contract with a price and period and with certain expressed and implied conditions.
For example when a cricketer or tennis player says in an audio visual advertisement that so and so drink or food 'is secret of my strength" or " my stamina comes from...(product).." then the celebrity endorses that product. That is called brand endorsement.
How endorsing a brand is different from advertising a product/brand?
An advertisement can be simply textual or pictorial. There will be a model simply giving a pose or holding the product for visibility. In an advertisement for a shirt, we may see the photo of a handsome male, or a professional model or even a celebrity wearing that shirt. There will be prominent words and phrases highlighting brand name and qualities. There will not be any personal message or signature of the model or celebrity. However in endorsements it makes a feeling and appearing to the viewers that the celebrity is using the product or brand and the words an actions are testimonials for inducing others.
Can a celebrity endorse the same type of product e.g soap or hair oil manufactured by two different companies?
Generally the ethics and code of conduct terms prevent that. They are not to endorse the product of the competitors during the contract period or even a cooling period after termination or expiry of that period, if the contract terms specify so.

Author: Timmappa Kamat    26 Jul 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

A regular advertisement is when an actor enacts a role to promote a product. As an example, Asin is not saying things as Asin but someone else. It could be treated as being equivalent to the roles an actor plays in the movies or series. He is just playing a role - not necessarily he believes in what the character does.

Brand Endorsement is a new age advertising wherein famous celebrities from the field of sports, films or otherwise promote a brand. Preference is given to the people who command higher recognition, respect or trust. Brand Endorsements make the products appear larger than life. They carry more appeal. People can connect with the celebrities even in a crowd of products.

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