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    What precautions should be taken during initial pregnancy period?

    Precautions to be taken during initial period of pregnancy.

    I want to know the advised steps to be taken before pregnancy so that the egg could form properly. Suppose a woman gets to know that she is pregnant and after knowing she became very much concerned and worried about taking care of her child and herself. What precautions should be taken during that period so that she could be a healthy mother of a healthy child?
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    There are chances of abortions in the early stages if some precautions are not taken and hence the following tips would be useful -
    1) Gestational diabetes - Some ladies are likely to develop temporary diabetes because of the pregnancy and hence to ensure the same Fasting Blood Sugar, HB1AC and other related tests are required to done along with the consultation of the specialist in order to avoid any likely complications.
    2) High or Low Blood Pressure - In the initial stage of pregnancies, in some ladies fluctuation of Blood - pressure has been seen and hence to stabilise the same, you may need to have the consultation of the Doctor.
    3) Computer - exposure - The Rays emanating from the Computers are detrimental to the foetus and even there is a chance of abortion and hence this aspect has to be considered seriously.
    4) Medication- Special precaution is needed to be taken during pregnancy to avoid self medications since all the medicines are not safe during pregnancy stage and as such one has to follow the advice of the Doctor sincerely.
    5) Consumption of Alcohol- If habituated with such addiction, there is a risk of miscarriage and hence one should refrain from taking Alcohol.
    6) Mismatch of RH factor - There may be a mismatch of RH factor of the blood circulating over the foetus and that of mother and this test would be necessary in order to avoid the complication.
    7) Cigarettes - Cigarettes are injurious to health at all stages and are responsible for the diseases such as Cardiovascular, Heart, Lungs, Liver etc in general but in case of pregnancy, there are chances of still - birth or low weight of the baby. Hence this aspect has to taken care of.
    8) Caffeine - Excess coffee and tea should be avoided since such addiction may cause premature delivery.
    There are other precautions to be taken such as periodical recording of weight, Thyroid - checking avoidance of lifting of heavy - weights etc in order to maintain the excellent health of both the mother and the foetus.

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    Well, you need to be much careful during the first three months of pregnancy. Do take the following precautions -

    1. Don't lift heavy objects.

    2. Do not attempt to stand for longer periods of time. Always keep a chair where you are forced to stand for longer periods like in your kitchen.

    3. Avoid using high heals. Use flat footwears or sandals.

    4. Avoid using the staiircases repeatedly.

    5. Avoid fried and spicy foods. It can cause acidity and related complications.

    6. Avoid watvhing stressful movies or horror series. Always try to be cheerful.

    7. Avoid caffeine and tea.

    8. Alcohol and smoking can be grievous. Let your friends avoid smoking as well. Even passive smoking can cause dangerous after effects.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    If otherwise healthy and normal, a new pregnant woman need not be over concerned , afraid or panicky. Usually first time there will be some kind of anxiety and eagerness. Take it as a blessing and pleasure experience and do not have any kind of negative thoughts, because most of the grandma stories(if you heard them) are concocted and to keep the pregnant women under control.

    The first and foremost when a woman feels that she is pregnant, she should visit a qualified and experienced gynaecologist, if available or any qualified lady doctor or a male doctor also, to get a direction and have it confirmed by the prescribed simple test.
    The doctor will advise further course in this regard.
    The competent doctor will prescribe certain simple initial tests and examinations and ask questions to assess the health condition and background history of the woman. From this the doctor will come to know what to followed further. If everything is normal, then the doctor will say just one or two measures to be taken only as a precaution.

    Mostly what would be suggested is, to avoid the much shaky rickety travel by autorikshaw for the initial three months. The woman will be asked to avoid highly physical exercises and activities like lifting heavy things etc. She may be told to take normal food and normal rest. The one thing to take care is not to do any kind of self medication during the initial months and to consult doctor at the start itself od any illness even if it is a common cold.

    If there is some health issues already as per history and case sheet the doctor will tell what to be complied.

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    First of all I would like to clear that
    This was told to me by my doctor at my first pregnancy when I was very cautious about it. For first three months the mother will be a bit panic or will have slight vomiting because her body is getting adjusted for the pregnancy during this period its better she takes a bit rest not fully. After three she can do any work which does not strain her, but when entering to 8th month till the delivery its better if she starts walking.
    The mother can have all kind of food which is rich in folic acid i,e sprouted moong etc.
    Actually all these advice was given to me by my doctor during my pregnancy and she told me to do all kind of physical work at home which does not strain me much till the end for a normal delivery. As she said I had done and the result was positive.
    So please be tension free and enjoy the every moment.Eat lots of fruits and vegetables which ever you like.
    All The Best

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    The best tips for precautions during first trimester for a pregnant woman are as under:

    1. Eat atleast 4 different fruits like apple, banana, pomegrenate, kiwi, pear, etc. everyday.

    2. Eat more green leafy vegetables and pulses to get important minerals, vitamins and proteins.

    3. Consume Mamro almonds and walnuts, as those are considered to be really good for a pregnant lady.

    4. Avoid eating dates, papaya, etc. as even doctors prescribe the same.

    5. Read joke books and happy stories, listen to pleasant songs, start your day with audio of Garbh Sanskar CD, watch comedy TV serials, and keep yourself happy at all times.

    6. Sleep well, as you may face early morning sickness and other similar symptoms. Give enough rest to your body, but do enough activity as well so that your blood flow remains active and your baby will be active when he / she is born.

    7. Avoid travelling, as well as walk for few minutes after breakfast, lunch and dinner regularly.

    8. Do not involve in any stressful activity, and do not worry about anything. All is well, and all will be well.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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