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    What is difference between betting and match fixing in cricket?

    Details about betting and match fixing, Comparison between betting and match fixing.

    I want to know the difference between two terms betting and match fixing in cricket. Is it possible match fixing without the help of players? How betting occurs; with or without the support of players? What are the methods of betting in international cricket matches? How money is being transferred internationally during betting and match fixing?
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    There is a vast difference between betting and match fixing :

    Though both betting and match mixing deals with some value and involves two person or parties but while executing peoples have totally different view in these two terms.Matching fixing is also a betting but involves manipulation.In match mixing one side of the party illegally manipulate the result of betting according to his willingness.

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    There is a huge difference in betting and match fixing.

    Betting involves the general public who gamble on the outcome of a game. The betting can happen without the involvement of the actual players. As far as cricket is concerned, the betting involves gambling on the outcome of the result, the performance of individual batsman or bowler and the runs scored by the individual players.

    Match fixing, on the other hand, is changing the outcome of a game by the players themselves in response to a financial consideration. Match fixing can be a result on a heavy betting on a particular outcome. It can also be a case of one of the teams indulging into such practice to earn more money.

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    Betting and fixing match are on different context. In case of betting the outcome of the match is considered. And so the money is earned based on the person who predicts the outcome of the match. In case of the match fixing, the players are paid illegally in order to change the outcome of the match. That is pretty much the difference between the two. The person who is fixed for the performance may or may not change the outcome of the match. Some of the countries have betting as a sport and not considered as illegal. However if it involves the player involvement etc then it can be considered illegal in either case.

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    Betting is a speculation. Betting as a profession is not legal in India. When cricket matches with high competitive spirit for the audiences and countrymen, the betting agencies present a betting opportunity for those who are interested in speculation to make some quick buck.
    The betting business people through their various agents collect money under certain conditions of risk. For example in a match between X &Y sides, if the normal guess is that team X will normally win, the speculators will declare that a bet on win by 'Y' will fetch 5 times the amount betted. For the X bet it may be just 2 times. There will be different bets on different categories also. This is just normal bet.

    However when the betting agency sees that more people have betted on X, they will sense loss and then will try to influence the team X to 'get defeated'. For doing that there will be a 'deal'. If it woks for both, the one or more of the 'deal' player will do unusual mistakes and see that team X does not win. This is match fixing.
    Match fixing can be well planned well before match starts also if the teams are totally uneven match
    Match fixing normally involves players directly mostly. However, indirect ways are there in changing the last minute selection of players or playing order etc. influencing the coach, managers or non-playing captain etc. The vested and selfish will have their own unique ways also. Sometimes the offer and initiative may come from the team players themselves either or from both playing teams. The match fixers may make the bet terms accordingly in a way to favour themselves.

    We don't know. This is what is understood from reading the reports and articles in press and media.

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    There is a huge difference between match fixing and betting. Betting is legal in many countries while match fixing is illegal everywhere on the planet.

    Let's have a look at betting first. Betting which is legal in many countries is kind of profession as well. People guess the match results and get money for that. There are agencies where one can bet. Betting is popular online today as well. Websites like are one of the best ones for betting. There are different rates for different teams and results. Usually the price is high for weaker teams. For example if India is playing Zimbabwe in a cricket match and you place a bet of 100 rupees for India, you might get only 200 when India wins but if you place a bet on Zimbabwe and they won, you are likely to get 8-10 times more money that you placed. It varies place to place.

    Now let's talk about match fixing. Match fixing is done by players by accepting money from gamblers. Some big gamblers who place bets of millions, contact players to change the result of the game somehow and in return they offer big sum to the players. Let's understand it by an example. Suppose you placed a bet of one million on an India vs Pakistan match. The rate is 5 for Pakistan which means you will get 5 times more money than the amount you placed. The rate on India is lower than Pakistan so obviously you will love it when Pakistan wins. So instead of trying your luck, you approach some Indian players and offer them money to play poorly. If they agreed, that means the result of the match is fixed and that is called match fixing. There is a term spot fixing where the bet is placed on a particular over or session of the game. For example the players signal the bookies that that next ball will be a wide so bookies place a bet for wide.

    Note: This post is only to educate about fixing. It should not be used to motivate one for such criminal act. Thanks

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