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    Does soyabean has any side effects?

    Wants to know as to whether Soyabean have any side affects. Check out here to know from our experts.

    We all know soyabean is richest protein source in vegetarian category. Is soyabean really the best source of protein among all foods? Does it have any side effects on men?

    I have heard that it can cause infertility or female like characters in males. There have been research papers which shows it increases female hormone estrogen in men. Is it true?
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    There need not be any panic worry about Soya bean as it is not found to have any fatal toxins in it. However Soya is not preferable in comparison to other alternatives commonly available in this country.

    Soya bean is not a native crop of India. Hence even now it is not a prevalent item used as pulse in this country.
    Soya bean was introduced to the European countries also very late. So it is not the prime protein giver diet in these countries also.

    However, Soya is mainly used for its oil and also a animal feeds protein even in its native countries like US, Brazil and Cuba. Soya bean was introduced and spread in our country with the main aim of solving the protein deficiency malnutrition faster at cheap cost. They were also given among the aids given by certain foreign nations during some past decades of early growth of this nation.

    Soya bean is not as easily digestible to the people of this country as the other common pulses . Hence it is less commonly used.
    Soya has also some technical issues. It has certain chemicals called 'trypsin inhibitors'. These are found to affect growth in rats etc. during research. But it is also said that the harm can be avoided if we 'wet cook' the soya well before consuming. It is not much suited for 'mono-gastric' animals(single stomach animals) like humans.
    The issue of infertility is not widely known or established as of now. However oestrogen is found in Soya bean.

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    It has been reported that taking soybean based dietary supplements for periods longer than six months may be unsafe. Taking high doses for longer period might result in abnormal growth of tissues in the uterus. Higher dosages during pregnancy might harm development of the baby.
    Also, soymilk is not a substitute for infant formula. It cannot be used as an alternative to cow's milk also. Regular soymilk may lead to nutrient deficiencies in the children.
    It is reported that the soy products may increase the chances of kidney stones as they contain large amounts of chemicals called oxalates. People with a history of kidney stones should avoid taking soy products in excessive quantities. Also, it should be avoided in case there is a history of bladder cancer or a high risk of getting it i.e. having a family history of bladder cancer.
    Excess quantity of phytoestrogens, a chemical present in soybean is associated with the cases of kidney failure.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There are cases when the soy has some health issues with the usage of soy. Here are some of the side effects of the soy (and soybeans) -

    1. Soybean is not good for the little kids if they are still feeding off mother. Also not safe for mothers during this time.
    2. Soybean also affect and may lead to breast cancer or other breast related issues.
    3. Soybeans also affect kidney more so you need to avoid them.
    4. People with diabetes need to consume it in very less manner.
    5. Women also suffer from thyroid by consumption of too much soy.

    These are some of the common side effects and issues that may occur if the soybeans if consumed too much. You need to either take it in moderation or not consume at all.

    Occasional consumption of the soy with the Chinese or other food may not create any issues at all. If consumed on daily or weekly basis then that may create some health issues. So soybeans and processed soy needs to be avoided. Especially the nuttella needs to be avoided.

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    Well, though Soyabean is good for health, intake beyond the normal amount can be unsafe.

    1. Higher intake of soya can cause abnormal growth in the uterus which may further get complicated as a cancer.

    2. It can cause issues with protein digestion and develop complications in the pancreas.

    3. Some anti nutrients present in soya can resist absorption of calcium. magnesium etc.

    4. It is believed to cause problems of thyroid gland.

    5. Soya milk can cause menopausal tendencies and reproductive disorders in women.

    6. High amount of Aluminium present in Soya can cause kidney disorders.

    Please note that the intake of regular amount of soya will actually good for health. The above issues develop only in cases of higher doses.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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