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    What all supplements are needed during 3rd trimester of pregnancy?

    I just want to know what are the essentials supplements which are needed during 3rd trimester of the pregnancy. Is there anything which should be given other than diet?

    What all things should be avoided during the last stages of the pregnancy? How to make sure that baby born is healthy?
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    The third trimester is an important stage in the pregnancy period. The body is making fast and final preparations for baby birth. The baby inside grows and would be nearing its full growth. So there is more need for nutrients that help bones and blood growth. Thus iron and calcium, vitamin C are needed. As the baby inside grows and tummy also grows more, energy needed also is more. So the mother needs to take some extra calories food. However there will be some discomforts also like constipation etc.
    Hence the food or supplements should be aimed as an optimum considering all these. Those who would be under the monitor and care of doctor should always get proper suggestions and advice. One should not resort to any self medication or taking artificial food supplements without consulting doctor. One should eat more fruits, fibre rich foods. Low fat proteins may be taken.

    Avoid heavy activities, air travel and long travel. Avoid sitting at a stretch , but stand and make short walks at intervals. Avoid any activity that can lead to a hit in your front. Take care when moving around especially in narrow spaces. Avoid raw and uncooked food items, stale items etc. Avoid over exposure to open weather. Reduce intake of coffee and tea.

    If you feel that the baby has moved to a head down positon that is normal. Continue to take whatever medicines and vitamins doctor prescribed. Consult doctor if any abnormality is felt or pain.

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    The third trimester is an important period when the baby inside the womb would need various nutrients for its healthy growth. The following points would help the foetus in the nourishment.
    1) Folic - acid - in the last stage of pregnancy, one should ensure that one is getting adequate amount of Folic - acid say 400 mcg at least daily. It would be safe to add this supplementation with the tablets available with the chemists.
    2) Calcium - supplementation, too, would be essential for the strengthening of the bones of the baby inside the womb. Doses vary patient to patient and hence the doctor is the best authority to judge the quantum.
    3) Iron - supplementation - Extra care is needed to maintain the healthy Homoglonobile - level in the blood in order to avoid weakness and to provide enough nutrient to the baby.
    4) Vitamin -D - This vitamin helps in proper assimilation of Calcium essential for the bone growth of the baby. The doctor can decide the exact quantum of the dose.
    5) Vitamin- C - This vitamin helps in fighting the external diseases and hence enough amount of citrus fruits such as Oranges, Grapes should be taken.
    Some precautions are essential to avoid jerking while travelling in the buses and taxis and also the pregnant - ladies should avoid heavy - lifting of weights.

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    The last 3 months of pregnancy is very important. One should take care of every aspect of good fetus and mother. Ensure that the required vaccination has been given (TAB and TT). At this stage fetus growth is faster so sufficient and nutritious food is given to mother. Diet should be rich in Protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Paneer, milk, pulses, curd, deshi ghee, fruits and green vegetables must be used in daily diet. Salt should be rich in iodine for better mental growth. There is more than 25 minerals in complan/ horlicks/ boost which can be used with milk, put 1 or 2 spoon of powder and mix it into the milk and give it to pregnant lady for better nutrition. Ensure that weight is increasing 2-3 kg /month and the total wt.gain should be 10-14 kg during pregnancy.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    Week 28 to week 40 is grouped as third trimester, a final phase of pregnancy. A pregnant women faces problems like heartburn, frequent urination, body ache, swelling, sleeplessness, piles; while might develop gestational diabetes or blood pressure conditions. Healthy nutrition and routine may help ease out this physically and emotionally challenging trimester.

    Healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, fiber, eggs, meat, and fish help provide the required essential supplement during this stage. It helps to maintain the pregnancy weight gain in the healthy range and produce the breast milk after birth. A pregnant woman needs approximately 450 extra calories daily during her third trimester. Drinking plenty of water during 3rd trimester ensures proper hydrations and helps reduce or prevents constipation. She should restrict excessive intake of salt and sugar. Avoid alcohol, smoking, caffenine, fried and spicy food, cold drinks, outdoor foods, raw meat and fish, unpasteurized milk or other dairy products.

    Beside she should also continue with the prenatal vitamins and supplements prescribed by the doctor. Adequate calcium and vitamin D intake helps in growing fetus bones. Some other prenatal supplements include thiamine for healthy nervous system and cardiovascular system of baby; vitamin C, E which help prevent pre-eclampsia and folic acid. Folic acid is important in third trimester to ensure adequate fetal growth and prevent a low birth weight baby. During pregnancy vitamin supplementation should be under doctor's supervision.

    Also refer.

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