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    What may be the substitutes of onion and garlic in diet?

    Do you want to know the substitutes of onion and garlic in our diet? Then check out here to find few tips from our experts.

    Many people don't eat onion and garlic due to various reasons. However, the same are known to contain many beneficial nutrients. What may be the substitutes of onion and garlic in the diet using which the beneficial nutritional effects of the same can be derived? Also, is eating onion and garlic in raw form more beneficial?
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    Each food item has its own unique properties. There may be benefits and some defects. We have to decide on the priority, preference and optimum use based on various parameters.
    Garlic is a very unique one having a lot of protective and medicinal properties. Onion also has some very good contributing uses apart from its tasty use and combinative property to go with any food. Hence to avoid them and go for substitute many not be an easy alternative.

    However it is the offensive odour in Garlic and the 'tearcausing' property of Onion that creates some problem for its users. They are both analysed to have Sulphur compounds in them that cause these characteristics.

    Hence the object here is to use alternatives that will have Sulphur in them but not as offensive causing as these two.
    The vegetables and food items that have sulphur in good quantity are:
    1. Cruciferous Vegetables: Cauiflower, cabbage, broccoli, turnips etc.
    2.Protein foods: nuts and legumes, fish, poultry(including eggs) etc.
    3. Fruits: Avocado, Kiwi, Banana, Pineapple, Grapefruit, strawberries, melons etc.
    4. Others: Lettuce, Spinach, Soya bean, sweet corn etc.

    However the odour of Garlic and Onion can be reduced with some kitchen tricks. One is copious washing and cutting under water itself in the vessel. Adding ginger, bread crumbs , adding some extra turmeric etc.

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    Garlic has numerous health benifits and the chief component Allicin is known for its antibacterial, antifungal and antivirus properties apart from the same having huge content of sulphur. Garlic can take care of heart - health by reducing high blood pressure and also benificial for maintenance of sugar - level if taken two buds daily in the morning in the empty stomach.
    Onion, too, is benificial for our health in many ways the most important being is the reduction of cholesterol - level and it also regulates our sugar level.
    So these are the benifits of consumption of Onion and Garlic and for which you are interested to know as reflected in the last para of your query.
    In absence of these two, you may include the foods like pulse, curd and egg to enrich your body with Protiens. This will help you to shed your weight.
    Salads of Carrots, Cucumber, and Tomatoes should be taken along with the principal meals to compensate the losses of vitamins and minerals. The Tomatoes contain Lycopene and the carrots are rich in Vitamin A coupled with many useful minerals. Cucumber helps in trimming the body weight.
    Fruits like Bananas, Apples, Grapes, Oranges etc should also be included for their health - benifits.
    Cow - milk is an ideal substitute if taken regularly sine the same contains many nutrients essential for body - development.

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    Garlic and Onion are pretty required ingredients for most of the dishes in India. However there are some of the dishes that doesn't make use of them. There is absolutely no replacement of those food options. You can use the cabbage as a replacement for onion for taste, however it won't be that close when it comes to taste. As for the garlic, you may want to use chilly and ginger to get the taste closer to the garlic.

    Chinese herbs if used in powder or the paste, you can use them as a replacement for the onion and garlic.

    Most of the Chinese dishes make use of some of the herbs that can be used as an replacement for the onion and garlic. So the taste may be good also you don't have to use the garlic and onion. There are some of the ready to use pastes that you can use instead of garlic and onion.

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    I agree with you eating onion and garlic many people don't like even though it has lots of nutritional effects, but consuming onion and garlic daily does not give any health problems.
    As substitutes of onion and garlic
    Leeks, shallots, and the white base of green onions in particular are hearty and can be sweated and used as a flavor base much the way onions would be.
    garlic in its younger state, before its bulb reaches full growth i,e tender green stems that garlic produces before the bulbs mature. They can used without the harshness of actual garlic. The bulbs don't need to be peeled and green stalks can also be eaten. The garlic flavor is simultaneously rich and mild.
    If you find all this is fussy then you can use garlic and onion powder which is available in stores. But every where you don,t get it.
    Hope my answer helped you.

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    Garlic and onion have their own distinguishing tastes. The tastes can't be replaced by any other fruit or vegetable. However, garlic and onion can be effectively replaced as ingredients by ginger, red chilly and asafoetida (hing) to have similar effects (in respect of Indian food-items).
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