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    Can a touch screen laptop be fixed with a non-touch screen display, as replacement on repair?

    Wondering if a non touch screen display be fixed on to a touch screen display? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Touch screen display laptops are relatively costlier and less popular n comparison with non-touch screens. However the touch display became faulty and the replacement is not easily available. The result is that the whole laptop has to be thrown away.
    Now my question is:
    1.Can the laptop be repaired with anon-touch (normal) display?
    2.If not, then can the laptop be used or converted to some use instead of throwing away?
    I had already contacted local technicians and even the authorised service providers. Matter is not yet solved. Requesting response from experts.
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    It is complete possible to replace a touch display with non touch in practice. However some of the hardware being locked in with UEFI may not allow the system to run properly. Also if Windows has hardware lock in then it has to be disabled before making such changes.

    If the compatibility or the replacement doesn't work. Then in such case you can go ahead and get the working parts outside. And then you can add them in another laptop and recycle as a new machine. This has been done in many instances. You can watch such videos on youtube and design from recycled parts.

    If the compatibility issues exist then they usually ask you to avoid replacement. And they don't replace the affected part. So your best option is to use the working parts and make a new system for yourself.

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    It should be practically possible to replace the touch screen with the non touch version on your device. However, please check whether there are any other hardware that has been designed to work with touch screen alone. In such cases, it may not be an advisable idea to replace it.

    The best trick in such a situation would be to refurbish your laptop. Get it done through a reputed computer service centre. That would in fact be a better alternative than opting for a non touch screen.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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