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    How to create chart from merged cells in Excel 2007?

    Plot line chart by using data from merged cells in excel 2007.

    I have data in merged cells of Excel 2007. I want to plot line chart by using this data. I do not want to take this data in another cells by giving cell reference (for creating chart). Because this is time consuming for large amount of data. So please tell me how can I create line chart from merged cells data?
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    Merged cells often create conflict with the chart data. So it's beneficial you get them sorted if if you wish to show the content in chart. If the data is too large then you have to sort it for another field. Or you can write the subroutine that does the job for you. And writing such subroutine will require someone to go through your data and help you with it. You may want to ask in the official Excel forums on how to make use of VBA to display the data in merged cell for charts. Gantt charts do allow you to create such charts. However most of the time it becomes harder to use other type of charts on such data. I'd say you have to write subroutine by looking at your data for mapping the chart.

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