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    What are the main ingredients of Chyawanprash?

    Wondering what Chyawanprash comprises of? Get expert knowledge of the complete list of ingredients that go into the making of Chyawanprash and learn about its benefits and side effects if any.

    Many companies in India offer Chyawanprash as a health food/supplement. What are the main ingredients of Chyawanprash and what are the health benefits associated with the consumption of the same? Are there any adverse side effects of eating it?
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    Amla (Indian gooseberry) is the main ingridient of chyawanprash. As amla contains vitamin C, which is a good source to keep your eye and skin better. also full of calcium, phosphorous, iron as well as full of anti-oxidant effects.
    And Chywanprash is mainly used for small children as well as older person, so that their immunity will be strong and they will not affected from small diseases like, the season change diseases etc.
    It increases your appetite you can avoid gastrick and acidity problems by consuming amla. As raw amla is not easily available, so addition to amla and other products teh manufacturer make chyawanprash.

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    Goose - berry is the chief ingredient of Chanyaprash containing 445 mg / 100gm. The number of herbs may vary ranging from 30 to 80 depending upon the Pharmaceuticals which have undertaken for its preparations. The other main gradients associated with this Chawnya Prashant are as follow- Aswagandha, Bamboo - manna, Chinese - Cinamom, Clove, Liquo- rice, Sandalwood, Sesam - oil, Tiger's Claw, Malabar - nut, Wild - black gram, Punarnava, Gokhru, Jeevanti, Shalparni, Veedavari - kand, Clarified - butter, Honey etc.
    Care has to be taken that the ratio of sugar / honey is to be maintained 5:1. The function of the Clarified butter is to assimilate the entire content uniformly.
    The regular consumption of this Rasayan would tone up the entire body - system. In the following diseases the consumption of this Rasayan would be benificial- Weakness, Detoriorating Eye - sight, Aneamia, To gain - weight, TB, Weak - digestion, Insomnia, Gout etc.
    The only adverse side - effect associated with Chawnyaprash is the presence of honey and sugar in a huge quantity making it unsafe for the consumption for the diabetic people. However, the Baidyanath - the leading Pharmaceutical makes Chawnyaprash devoid of Honey and Sugar known as Chawanya Vit. The same may be used by the diabetic - patients.

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    Chyavanprash has to contain many herbal and natural ingredients almost upto 80. However in modern days all the herbs and plants are not easily available and hence it is common to see about 25 ingredients in preparations. Indian gooseberry or Amla is the major ingredient.
    Chyavanprash is a very common and popular tonic for general health. It protects body and decelerates the speed of wear and tear. Regular and proper use of Chyavanprash prepared with all prescribed ingredients helps to sustain youth and slow down ageing. It keeps hair black and slows down greying, and also slows downs shrinking of skin- It protects and keeps hair and skin healthy and slows downs signs of old age viz greying and shrinking of skin.
    Chyavanprash is the important among the major Rasayan Ayurvedic compound for healthy living. It is the one which suits children, youth and old people alike. Amla controls the tridosha s Vaata, Pitta and Kapha. It promotesthe seven 'Dhaatu's. Hence it helps to boost immunity. Regular and proper use as directed by a competent and experienced Ayurvedic doctor (Vaidya) can reduce fatigue and increase energy and vigour .
    Taking Chyavanprash, being an Ayurvedic preparation, taking the prescribed dose and prescribed way as advised by an Ayurvedic physician is not seen to have any side effects. However self medication may not be advisable. Traditional usage of Chyavanprash also needs to take milk after taking the medicine.

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    Chyawanprash has the following ingredients - cinnamon, chebulic myrobalan, cardamom, asparagus, ashwagandha, seaseme oil, amalaki honey, shankhapushpi and silver and other included contents. These are some of the common ingredients that you can find with most of the brands. There are some of the other ingredients which are specific to the brand of which you're buying the chyawanprash. Some local brands usually are more preferred due to they using more specific extracts. Depending on the type of quantity added the calories are going to be more or less. You may find that calories 50-100 per 50 gm of chyawanprash. However most of the mainstream brands are likely to reduce some ingredients due to packaging and preservatives issue. That's why if possible do get the chyawanprash from local market.

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    Main ingredients of Chyawanprash are:-
    a) Several herbs- Increases efficiency of working of lungs.
    b) Emblica officinalis (gooseberry)- It is rich in Vitamin C. It increases immunity which fights with both infections and inflammation.
    c) Ghee- It provides sufficient strength to the body.
    d) Sugar- It masks the taste of certain spices making Chyawanprash edible.
    e) Sesame oil- Improves brain function.
    f) Ashvagandha- Memory enhancer.

    Other ingredients are:-
    - Asparagus,
    - Chestnut,
    - Honey,
    - Malabar nut,
    - Ice plant,
    - Black gram and green gram of wild variety,
    - Bambusa arundinaceae,
    - Calcium sulphate which is calcined,
    - Calcined mica,
    - Adhatoda vasica,
    - Shweta chandan (white sandalwood),
    - Bilva,
    - Cardamom green,
    - Gokshura,
    - Pippali (Piper longum),
    - Raisins,
    - Pushkara,
    - Cyperus rotundus,
    - Asparagus racemosus,
    - Cinnamon,
    - Bay leaf,
    - Saffron,
    - Black pepper,
    - Cardamom black,
    - Cloves,
    - Nutmeg,
    - Mace,
    - Ashvagandha,
    - Dried ginger roots,
    - Processing solution,
    - Kumkum,
    - Preservative is sodium benzoate etc.....

    Adverse effects of Chyawanprash:-
    1) Burning sensation in stomach.
    2) Loose stools.
    3) If quantity in increased then can cause weight gain due to excess content of ghee in it as well as not good for diabetic patients in excess quantity as it can increase their blood sugar level due to the presence of sugar and honey in it.

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