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    Career option for an electronics engineer fresher in india

    Career options for an electronics engineer, Higher studies options for an electronics engineer

    Sir I have completed my B.E in electronics stream and my family condition is poor so I am confused about what are my career options in ECE branch of engineering which allows great great growth in terms of salary I also want to pursue my higher studies in abroad so what are my options in that case can I get admission in abroad while dong job
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    The author may consider doing maximum possible hard work and score maximum possible score in GRE. In case outstanding scores are received in GRE, then the scenario will get totally changed and a possibility of getting admission in a US university with some financial assistance will arise. Since the financial position of the family is not reported to be good, the same will have to be compensated for by doing hard work only. The author should finally decide and then totally focus on his goal giving his 100% without getting distracted by any other offer. For achieving his goal he should join any available job first and continue to learn while earning .
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    You have plenty of options in front of you. Pick a part time job if you can so that it gives you some option to earn money. And most likely this can be a good option as you want to have some job and money in hand. I'd also suggest you to keep applying to the campus offers in IT companies or the electronics companies. This way you can easily get into the job offers on consistent basis. You may want to sign up to the job board where you are likely to get more job offers. This works for most of the students and you can find a lot of job calls from such sites.

    Another option to check is referrals. This works if you know someone who is already into job with some company. This way you can get into the offer if they know you. They may not be able to through you completely in the process. However you can get the job offer from the company. It always helps those who are not getting the calls and such referral system helping them.

    In between see if you can get part time work in tech support companies or the call center or even part time job in some place. That surely helps you build some confidence.

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    Electronics has its scope in all domains of technology.

    Since you are in a position to take care of your family I would suggest you to pick a job. You can even pursue your studies after a break of two years or you can even study in part-time.

    Industries that pay well:


    IT/CSE/ECE graduates are eligible for it. But ECE graduates can perform much better than the rest of the branches since you master over communication.

    All IT/ITeS companies hire network engineers.

    Device production companies:

    Communication and telecom companies:

    Consumer electronics and computer electronics companies

    You can find a job easily so don't worry. Upload your resume in employment portals.

    Then register for online employability tests like AMCAT, Cocubes, elitmus. When you score the desired score you will be called by the companies to attend interview. Cocubes offer plenty of job options.

    All you need to do is to crack the test. Prepare for it and the syllabus can viewed be from their official website.

    You will have tests on quantitative aptitude,logical and reasoning,verbal ability,personality and domain topics.

    In domain topics you will have to choose the topics from the list relevant to your branch.

    You can do higher studies if you have a deep passion for it. Else undergraduate degree is enough to reach heights and earn well.

    Don't expect top companies to offer you a job.They may and may not.Whatever option you get grab it immediately.

    Through experience you can earn well and move on to higher grades and companies.

    Be confident and be updated and keep learning all the new technologies relevant to your field.

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