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    Which Websites pay for Photographs ?

    Is photography your hobby? Wondering which websites can pay money for this hobby? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Taking Photographs are my hobby. Using a Smart phone it is possible to take good photographs.
    Are there any special lens used to zoom to take photographs? I have heard that some websites accept photographs and they pay for it.
    Are there any Indian sites and International sites that accept photographs from the smart mobiles?
    If not from smartphones then from which camera the photographs have to be taken to upload in the internet?
    Awaiting advice.
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    There are plenty of stock photography website that accept the photographers work. However work needs to be in higher resolution and high quality. So the work goes through the process and then get listed.

    No special lens or the camera. But it depends on the better resolution and quality of the phone.

    Here are some of the sites that allow you such selling of photos.

    1. Foap : It sells your photo for 5$ per sale and you get paid via paypal. It's easy and also accepts smartphone photos. But it's hard to find the sales

    2. Shutterstock: This website is very strict and takes time for photos to be approved. Your photos get sold based on the community set price for the photos.

    3. Envato Photodune; Another network to sell the photos. But they have very hard process to pass through. So once get listed, your photos may sell in good numbers.

    4. Corbis: This can be a good place to sell your astro photography, landscape and nature images. Another very competitive place to sell. But the price for which the photo gets sold is very high. Premier network so expect to be seen by national geographic and other similar sites.

    5. Getty Images: They also have rates per photo to be equal to that of shutterstock. So you can find some good earning just by selling the images here.

    These are some of the places where you can sell the images online. I'd say you can find as many as you can and then decide on which site you want to sell your images. If one image gets rejected on one site then you can go ahead and sell the image on another site.

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    There are many stock image websites where you can sell your photographs.
    1. Fotolia Instant:
    This app is especially designed for smartphone users from a popular microstock photography service Fotolia. It is very easy to sell image using this app, you have to simply take a picture and upload it with title and keywords.

    But it requires images should be in 4MP resolution (2400 x 1600) and format will be in JPEG.

    2. Scoopshot:
    This is another app where you can sell your pictures. When a photo sells, you will receive $2.50 each time. You can also participate in various photo contests organized by media companies.

    3. Foap:
    You can easily upload your images to Foap and earn $5 per picture sold. In order to sell, your images must rate at least a 2.5.

    4. Twenty20:
    Sales made on Twenty20 earn you 20% royalty and are paid out monthly by PayPal. It allows you to make your own portfolio.

    5. Clashot :
    You will get a 44% royalty from the cost of each photo when it is sold at Clashot. Minimum payout amount is $3.



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    Hi Raja,
    Apart from above mentioned options for photo selling, you can upload photographs here at ISC.
    You just need to select proper link to upload your photo in appropriate category. For example, you have a photo of school located in Mumbai. Then you need to search and open that school page from School option in drop down menu of Education at the top.
    Once you have opened that page, you can find the link to upload the photos of that school.
    To earn more, you have to give it a proper title and good description.

    Please note that the photos must not be copied and should be of appropriate size to get accepted at ISC.
    You can go through the photos already submitted and approved to get an idea about the same.


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    Here are the links which will help you to get better photographs from your smart phone as well as will help you provide some information about lenses you need to use for getting the same.

    Here are the two links that will help you and provide you information regarding sites that pay you for your photographs.

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