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    Why the gold is most preferred metal for making jewelry?

    Searching for the reasons about gold being the most preferred metal for making jewellery? Find responses from experts on this page.

    There are many metals, but the gold is most preferred metal for making le since ages. What are the reasons behind such preference over other metals? Is gold found in the free state also in nature? What are the other metals which are used for making jewellery?
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    Why Gold is preferred for jewellery over other metals?

    1. Non-corrosive: Gold is the most inactive metal. It does not get affected if lying inside water, in normal fire or under Sun etc. Even normal acids also do not affect Gold.
    2. Easy cleaning: Due its characteristics dirt can be easily removed by washing with water and normal soap or herbal cleansing materials.
    3. Non-allergic: People get allergy on wearing many things. Gold is known to be least allergic to human skin among other metals.
    4. Malleable and ductile: Gold has a characteristic that it can be beaten hot to make it very very thin layer and also can be drawn to thin wire. This makes it easy to make jewellery of any design.
    5. Its price is always increasing: This makes it easy to exchange it for money by pledge or sale at times of need. So it is serving twin purposes of decoration ornaments and savings for household women.
    6. Easily re designed: In case the design o jewellery becomes obsolete, the gold in that can be re-melted and made into a new design ornament.
    7. Purity: Gold is one metal where only very few impurities can be added or adulterate. However those who are experienced can mostly recognise the addition of extra ratio of copper, silver to gold. The same can be found on re-melting also.

    Gold is not found in free metal state in nature.

    Silver, Copper, Platinum are the other common popular jewellery metals now or used in early times. Now a days imitation ornaments are made with Aluminium etc too.

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    The advantages of retaining gold are manifold and a few salient features are noted below-
    1) It retaines its sign for an appreciable time.
    2) There is always appreciation of its price and hence the same is not affected by inflation.
    3) High malleability and Ductility - This property may be utilised for its stretching to an unlimited limit.
    4) It has got high resale value.
    5) This metal contains high purity and for making ornament - purpose, a slight addition of Silver and Copper is required.
    6) High life due to its resistance to react with Acid, Bases and Alkalies. Due to anti - corrosive in nature, it can withstand in any weather.
    7) It has got its acceptance in the world wide. Even the gold - reserve is maintained by the Governments of different countries to maintain the value of currencies.
    No, Gold is not found in free state.
    For making jwelleries, Silver and Copper are added in varying proportions suiting to the pocket of the customers.

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    Gold is one of the demanded metal since the invention of casting. The reason gold is standing the test of time is because when artificial currencies fall, the gold stands as a way to compensate. And gold being the glittering object like gems, is proffered for the designing and jewelry. Silver another meal doesn't stand much when it comes to the natural corrosion. It has less glitter compared to gold. And silver has not much known to replace the artificial currencies. Instead it is second most preferred option than gold. Gold irrespective of it's origin gets weighed on the basis of purity. And for that reason it can be sold all over the world. Resell value of the gold is also high.

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