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    What is the recruitment procedure of specialist officers of banks?

    Interested in taking up a job of specialist officer of a bank? Find recruitment advice from experts on this page.

    Who are specialist officers of banks and what is their recruitment procedure? How many types of specialist officers are recruited by the banks? Is there any competitive examination conducted for recruitment of specialist officers as in the case of the clerks grade examination and probationary officers?
    Awaiting advice.
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    Banks do not need specialist office in large numbers. Hence we may not be aware of the large scale tests as seen for PO / clerical recruitments.
    Banks may need Law Officer, Civil Engineers, Technical Officers, Security officers, etc for its various needs. They may not be needed at branch level, but to be stationed at Regional or Zonal controlling offices and at Head Offices. Some banks may need Doctors, IT specialists for development works and in some cases some very special officers in finance related matters.
    For recruitment banks will call for candidates with such specific qualifications and experience related to relevant field. Hence the notifications may be small and brief with reference to the bank's website for details. There will be written test and interview or just interview depending upon the RBI guidelines existing and the exigencies at that time.
    There was a time when banks recruited Agricultural Officers and Veterinary officers in good numbers. Now such officers are taken only in less numbers as specialist officers as and when needed. Generally specialist officers are appointed at a higher level i.e at middle management level.

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    Different type of position is filled with it's respective process. For example, Bank PO are recruited using the common entrance exam. And then the process through internship and final placement. In case of the bank IT jobs, the process is different and the person is asked to demonstrate some of his skills. And that way he or she is being employed.

    Specialty officers are usually are limited in numbers per bank. So depending on the bank branch requirement their recruitment happens in a different process. The need and the available application taken into account the recruitment happens with respect to that part.

    Depending on the specialist position and the requirement, the examination, interview, intern process and final placement is done. Each bank has their own set of requirement. And they conduct such process as per the policies. In case of PSU banks, they are going to perform the recruitment based on the most common criteria accepted among other PSU banks.

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    Thanks for A2A.
    Yes, for specialist officer post , individual entrance exams are conducted by banks same as conducted for PO & clerk post.
    IBPS Conducts SO Entrance exam for 21 posts & Other private banks conducts their own entrance exam for SO Post.
    Every year SO Exam is conducted in jan , so you can go for SO Exam in 2017 .
    SO has various posts -
    -Human Resource Management
    -Law Officer
    -Agriculture Field
    -Rajbhasha Adhikari
    Right now I will suggest you to fill IBPS PO Application form.
    All the best!!

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