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    What is canola oil and how it is manufactured?

    Want to know about canola oil? wondering how it is manufactured? check out suggestions from experts on this page.

    Recently I have come across advertisements promoting the beneficial effects of using canola oil as a cooking medium. What exactly is canola and is it cultivated in India? How canola oil is manufactured and what is its nutrition value? Is it too expensive cost wise?
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    Canola oil is an edible oil being used for both domestic and commercial usage. It is made up from the canola rapeseed processed under different mixture and environment. This oil is known to be less in erucic acid and so being used in respective applications where the content of erucic acid is meant to be low. It has high percentage of the unsaturated fatty acid so often not used for those with the cholesterol problem.

    Due to the omega 6 and omega 3 content in the oil, it does being used for the patients who suffer from depression. Apart from that you can also find the oil being used in some of the diet.

    It is not much preferred for the cooking due to many reasons of it not being good for the health. There are some of the people who do use it to save on cost. Usually the cost of the canola oil is around same as the olive oil or slightly less depending on the process under use. 1 Liter of canola oil costs around 250-300 Rs. And depending on the imported or the local, the cost of the oil reduces.

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