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    How navel lint develops and how it should be cleaned?

    Searching for information about navel lint? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Often on examination of our navel, we find some fibre deposits inside which is known as navel lint. How navel lint develops and how it should be cleaned? Is it a health hazard and likely to cause infections? What should be the periodicity of its cleaning?
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    Navel lint, also called belly button lint, If you're Wondering about lint, that's what we call those bits of fibre and dust that accumulate in our clothes. The materials of which our clothing is made of, such as cotton and wool, consist of many tiny fibres weave together.
    You may have noticed that cloth items that you use i,e shirt, bath towel or any cloth's becomes thinner after a constant wash. You may have also noticed that the lint collector in your dryer collects these fibres every time.
    Beyond all this clothes lint is accumulated in belly button because two reasons:-

    First, the hairs found have tiny scales that act a bit like hooks that latch onto shirt fibres and pieces of lint.
    Secondly, the hairs tend to grow in circular patterns around the belly button, leading to the collection of lint to that area.
    To clean the lint that gets accumulated is the only one way that's cleaning it daily with soft cloth or tissue paper at the time of bath or after bath.

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    Navel lint is the result of collection of lint from your own clothes. It can also accumulate as a result of the dead cells of your skin or hairs. By virtue of being a recessed area, the navel accumulates those fibres and such other items.

    If you want to remove it, you will need to use a soft cloth that does not leave fibres. The best time to do that would be while taking bath.

    You can also use Hydrogen Peroxide or Alcohol to clean the belly button lint. Pour a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide or Alcohol into your navel. Leave it for about a minute or so. Use Q Tip or a lintless cloth to wipe the navel lint clean.

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    Navel or belly lint is result of cotton or woolen shirts or inner wears of these types. It happens due to your hair growth on entire upper part of body.
    To clean it is simple like cleaning your ear. Use ear swab cleaner, finger or soft paper. Best time to clean is once you change your cloths. or use restroom for getting fresh.
    To avoid this wear non cotton or woolen shirts like made up of jeans, polyster or avoid wearing inner wears.
    Secondly, try shaving or trimming your upper part of body or only navel area. Navel lint will not happen until hair grows back.

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