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    Always suffering from cold

    I have cold problem 365 days a year. what treatment should I do ?
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    common cold is a viral disease. One should have good nutrition. Have a well balanced diet rich in vitamins especially vit. c, proteins. Eat fruits like amla, orange which are rich in vit. c.
    Regular exercise is also important. Pranayam & yoga will help a lot. This will build up your immunity. Once resistance power increases, colddrinks,etc. Avoid visiting places where you have to face cold climate.
    If you have excess cold, you can use anti-histamincs like T. cetzine ( nonsedating drug)10 mg at night or even during daytime. T. avil will make you feel sleepy & should be taken at bed time.

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    Hi Buddy,

    First of all Cold is a common viral disease, it infects a person when your body immune system goes down. It can stay upto 6/7 days till the body regains its immunity and most of time cured by no or less medicine.

    But you have mentioned you having cold through out the year. I think you body immunity is very low in compared to other people.

    Kindly follow these guidelines to get rid of cold.

    01. Consult a good Doctor regarding your problem and to increase your body immunity power.

    02. Carry out Yoga, Pranayam (most beneficiary) or exercises in the morning time at least for an hour. Years ago I was having cold problem but not so prolonged as you. In 2004, I have attended one Yoga camp of Baba Ramdev and started practicing. Still date I don't have any cold problem.

    03. Go for balanced diets & healthy foods, add more fresh vegetable & fruits to it. Don't go for left over or freeze foods. Take ayurvedic tonic "Chyawanprash" regulalrly, which is more beneficiary for the people suffering with cold.

    04. Take you bath before sunrise or after 9AM, as the time in between is known for "Vata" & "Pita".

    05. Always drink filtered water. If you can not afford the higher costly models from Aquaguard or Kent, go for models like "Pure It" or "Aqua Sure" which coats within Rs. 2000/- and provide pure drinking water without electricity. Most of the cold problem arises due to impure & infected water.

    06. Keep your bed in a properly ventilated area, so while sleeping you can get plenty of Oxygen.

    Hope observing these simple thing we you be cured soon.




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    Consult an ENT surgeon to know if you have DNS-deviated nasal septum- or no. In this condition person gets repeated sinusitis & cold. You can use steam inhalation either plain steam or medicated with karvol capsules / nilgiri oil. You can use nilgiri oil on handkerchief / pillow. This helps a lot. Sinusitis is a problem which troubles a lot & can become chronic. If you are getting cold due to it, you will need antibiotics. You will get headache also. This is more common in case of frontal sinusitis. In such a case you will feel better with analgesic tablet. Generally such tablets contain caffeine also to give better feeling.
    If you are taking antihistaminics like Tab. avil, be careful. Avoid driving & working near machinery as you may feel sleepy.

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    Hi Pravin Vaity
    Though common cold is generally caused by viral infection and is self remitting as in several flu but in your case I dont think it is due to viral infection as you said you suffer almost everytime. In your case I think it is due to allergy.

    My suspect is that you suffer from allergic rhinitis. In allergic rhinitis there is a series of sneezing, redness of eyes and always secreting nose with clear watery fluid. As you are 29 years old and might be working so you might be having exposure to most common allergens like pollens and dusts.

    I think you should wear a mask if you are outside, this will somewhat protect you from exposure to such allergens. Treatment include use of antihistaminic drugs like cetrizine, avil but they have sedative action and it is better to avoid them at work or during driving. For alternative use astemizole.

    I think you should go through Allergic rhinitis - description treatment and prevention for detailed desription for your condition and several methods for its treatment and prevention.

    Dr. Sanjeev

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    Hi Pravin,
    I had the same problem earlier. I used to caught by severe back pain and head ache as a result of cold.
    I have practised the following and i have recovered 75% from my pains.
    1. I used to take plain steam(without adding vicks,...) daily in the morning.
    2. I used to pack 5 kg of rice in a cotton bag and i used to have it as my pillow.
    3. I used to have "sitharathai kasayam" daily which will reduce the cold remarkably.
    4. do Pranayama daily. this is the procedure to do and anybody can do.
    close right nose and inhale using left nose. after full inhalation, close left nose. Now exhale using right nose. after comopletion, again inhale using same right nose. close right nose and repeat the same.
    if you do practise pranayama daily, sure you will come out from cold at the earliest.
    5. don't worry about the cold and that itself will make you feel free.

    Good Luck,

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    Two medicines are very effective as well as your cold is concerned,the first one is MAJUN LOKSPISTAN OF HUMDARD DAWAKHANA and the other one is JOSHINA ,that is also of the same brand.Feel free and take these two medicines regularly and you will get rid of this sort of cold.

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    Generally cold is caused by viral occurs
    due to lack of immune system in the human body.

    Breathing exercise will give relief.
    Take nutritious food .
    Avoid working near dusty environment.
    Always drink hot water.
    you can use antihistamine drugs along with antibiotics like T.citrizine;aviland amoxilline etc.
    Avoid cold items.

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