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    How to write review about any product and earn money?

    Interested in earning money online? Wondering how to write reviews? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    I see so many websites and blogs where people write at length about any product or items.The writing is all about its merits,demerits,usage and effectiveness.The link is also provided for buying them same.It is mostly about cosmetics,eatables or about any movie as well.
    How does writing review help in getting part-time money?
    How to enrol in such activities?
    Being a women, I am looking forward for such online income like ISC where I can get paid.
    Awaiting response.
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    There are some of the websites that require the review writers on regular basis. For example, makemytrip and travelopedia often hires review writers to write about the experience in specific locations. Some of the food review blogs and websites require the writers to review certain places for food quality on regular basis. The reviews being genuine in such process also helps the website. The review writers in this process usually earn from anywhere 1200-3500 or more depending on the place and type of the review.

    Most of these jobs are available for the writers (regardless of gender) on per gig basis. So there is no fixed set of job here. Just the content requirement and the deadline for the project. In order to land such jobs, you have to make sure that you have instagram account or twitter or facebook explaining few things about the products. If you're writing about products in visual form on such websites then creating the portfolio is easy for you.

    Apart from portfolio and other experience part, you have to apply for such jobs through monster or similar other career based sites. You can find such jobs on sites which are reviewing the products. Find such websites using Ninjaoutreach and you can mail the leads (or contacts) from that location.

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