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    How to check water purity at home?

    Interested in checking water purity at home? Find advice from experts on this page.

    It is always said that the people should be cautious about drinking only pure water, particularly during the monsoon. However, it is not clear as to how to know, if the available water is pure and fit for drinking. Is there any simple method using which the purity or suitability of water for drinking can be checked at home?
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    There are many ways to check water purity at home. Some of ways are first fill a clean, clear glass with water from your tap. Now Hold the glass up to the light and take a look at the water. Then check water is cloudy or clean. Now smell the water. Does it smell like rotten eggs, a swimming pool, nail polish remover, or anything else unpleasant? Now buy a test kit from your local home center or online. You can

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    There are certain tests that you can do at home and decide the purity level of water. Here are some of the tests that you can take for checking the water level purity.

    1. Normal testing. Check the water in sunlight and see if it has any content which are not good for drinking. Also check the smell of the water.

    2. Check the water ph level with water purity kit. You can get this kit online from amazon or ebay.

    3. Check the water content with various tests using purity kit. See if it has any harmful content.

    4. Process the water through purifier and check the results and compare it with raw water.

    These are some of the options that you can try to check out the purity of water at home. Also you can verify if the water is drinkable. However do note that a lot of human body can adapt to the impurity in the water. So as much as people tell you about impurity not being good. Often the lack of impurity itself can reduce your immunity level in the body.

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