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    Cross cousin marriage-genetic counselling

    Have a genetic related query for cross cousin marriage? On this page, experts shall respond to your query.

    I am 24 yrs old female.
    Please see the below information about me.
    My grand parents:
    First maternal uncle:first one is SON,second is daughter.
    Second maternal uncle: My motherfirst one is daughter,second is son,Third is ME
    Third maternal uncle: maternal aunt
    Note: All of them are married to non-blood people.

    Can I marry my first maternal uncle's son?
    what are the possible effects or any tests to be done to ensure our marriage can be safe genetically?
    Can you also suggest the safe method for conceiving?
    Awaiting advice.
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    The author may note that there is a concept of 'prohibited relationship' both in the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act. It is a legal requirement that the parties should not fall within the degree of prohibited relationship failing which the marriage is liable to be treated as null and void the issue of legitimacy of the children in the matters of inheritance etc. may crop up. The degree of the prohibited relationship is defined in the respective laws. The small communities like Parsis and Muslims do have such marriages.
    Marriages between cousins are not considered healthy from the genetic point of view. Such marriages are associated with an increased risk of abortions and congenital malformations, particularly if both the partners have the same defective gene. Generally speaking, it is not practically possible to screen for all genetic defects before marriage. However, many tests to screen for any abnormality in the unborn baby are available particularly in the developed countries like US.

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    The relationship as specified by the author who has asked the question is not allowed in Hindu Marriage Act as well as Special Marriage Act. This comes under the category of ;Prohibited Relationship'. However, such marriage is very much allowed among Muslims and Parsees.
    As we don't know about the religion of the author, no definite comment on the legality of such marriage is possible. However, from genetic point of view, this type of marriage is discouraged.

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    There are two aspects in this regard of marrying cousins.
    1. The social and traditional aspect. If the partnership is not allowed by the society(caste,community religion or the local society ) then you many not get social acceptance and many of your relatives and friends may not accept or may not be able to show their support openly. There can be a chance that you may be isolated and need to face many problems in future.
    However if the section you belong to accepts that relationship, as you asked above(marrying maternal uncle's son) the social issue is solved.

    2. The medical or hereditary aspect: Many traits are passed on hereditarily. There are those which benefit and those which cause harm also. The medical science has not yet hundred percent confirmed it this way or that way. They say about the more probability of these happening. So if there are no bad traits known in both sides , and only good traits, then the marriage can be beneficial. However if there are known bad traits, it is best to avoid.

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