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Remedy for ringworm problem since 2 years

Date: 05 Aug 2016   Posted By: Priyanka Patel     Group: Health    Category: Beauty   

I am a 29 years old girl. I am suffering ringworm from last 2 years. I have used all kinds of cream and oral pills for ringworm but it has come back. My face and private parts affected by ringworm.
Can you provide the right suggestions since I am disturbed and cannot concentrate on my work?
Awaiting advice.

Are you suffering from ringworm? Wondering which is the most effective remedy? Find advice from experts on this page.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha    06 Aug 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

In order to eliminate the ring - worm, you may take up the following things in order to eliminate from the existing condition.The following tips may be tried-
1) In order to purify your blood, you may take five to six leaves of Neem leaves and the same is to be consumed regularly in the empty stomach.
2) You may take hot milk adding one fourth tea- spoon of Turmeric in the same. The same may be consumed for at least for a month for the removal of toxins. Turmeric is anti- bacterial, anti- fungus and anti - viral in nature.
3) you must avoid fried foods and fast - foods as far as possible.
4) Aloevera is an excellent agent for the purification of your blood and apart from it, it would strengthen your liver.
5) Camphor is known for its antibacterial and anti- fungus in nature and in order to be effective in your case, you may add a camphor in 50 ml of coconut - oil. The same may be kept in out side in the Sun- Ray for at least twenty minutes so that the camphor is dissolved completely. Now you may apply this oil two times in a day till you get complete relief from this disorder.
6) Lemon grass - tea- If Lemon - grass tea is consumed three times in a day and the left - over tea - bag is applied on the affected part for roughly 20 minutes twice daily. You may get considerable improvement.
Tone up your body - resistance with dry nuts like Almond and Raisins on a regular basis. You may get result in a short span of time. Regular consumption of Papaya - fruits and Grapes would help in purification of the blood thus helping in removal of this skin disease.

Author: [Anonymous]    07 Aug 2016      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

There are few tips for ringworm remedy and few of them might be funny and here you go for it. Yes, the best one is, try to consume Grape juice for few days which not only helps for blood purification but skin enriches and stop or avoid many skin issues including skin allergy, rashes, pimples, ring worm and on beside it is healthy one for liver and digestion too.

The second one is, try to have fruits and vegetables as much as you can than oily, spicy and fat foods in veg or non-veg foods.

Try to avoid sea food, chicken and mutton etc. for a while (if you are Non-Veg and consuming them).

Drinking plenty of water, boiled lemon juice and grape juice can stop or avoid your ring worm issue in few days.

I specially suggest you to avoid external and internal medicine for a while and the issue come from food thus you can eliminate ring worm from using healthy liquid food and reasonable food as stated.

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