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    What to get enrolled in or basically what to study?

    Confused about what to study in Australia? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I have recently completed my +2 CBSE board in non-med and
    now I am planning to move further to Australia for further studies.
    I am interested in computers, automobiles, aerospace engineering and much more.
    I want to be an innovator, an entrepreneur and to work for new era in the field of weapons and artifical intelligence, new cars, spaceships etc. So what should I study? Do I need to study B.Tech or B.Sc?
    What can help me in Australia?
    Experts: do provide guidance.
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    The fields like computers, automobiles, aerospace engineering are quite divergent in nature. Moreover, the 10+2 stage is just the beginning. The author will have to first complete a degree program to learn the basics after which specialization can be considered. In my opinion, in the present era of technology, pursuing a B.Tech in the field of Aerospace Engineering may be considered in a highly reputed university where quality education is ensured. Merely completing a degree program either in India or abroad is not going to help.
    In the field of aerospace engineering, the institutes like Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruanantpuram or IIT, Bombay/Chennai/Kharagpur/Kanpur etc. may be a very good beginning.
    Another option available to the author is to complete basic graduation degree from an Indian institute like mentioned above and then proceed to a destination abroad for further specialization. The specific reason for pursuing studies only in Australia should be examined as there are many outstanding institutions available in India as well as in other developed countries like US etc.

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    Apart from overseas education you have alternative to do the engineering in India and then apply for post graduate studies in overseas. In case of engineering, it'd help if you choose either one of the degrees if you have overseas plans - mechanical, IT, electronics, Computer science and chemical engineering. These are some of the engineering streams that are more in demand overseas.

    Australia has plenty of opportunities if you're interested in Aeronautics, Marine biology and IT. So you can pick up the career in one of the industry and proceed ahead. If you prefer then IT is one of the good way to get into the workforce quickly. I'd suggest take the education in a stream that is most comfortable and also future demand in terms of salary.

    One more important thing is being innovator takes time and so does being entrepreneur. The reason being these two things are not destination, but more of journey. So you can keep that part while you're studying, working or even trying to set up a business.

    If you wish to get into more of technical nature, then either BTech or BSC would help for sure. It'd be also handy for the Australia plans that you have.

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