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    Profile is shortlisted but HR has informed that position is on hold

    Is your recruitment put on hold by a company? Wondering what hold means? On this Ask Expert page you will get all the answers you are looking for.

    One and a half month back I was interviewed for Manager's position in Saudi Arabia. Last week I was informed by Company HR that my profile has been shortlisted by all concern departments including HRD. But the position is put on HOLD for various reasons and HR wrote that they will surely get back to me soon.

    Can you explain the meaning of 'HOLD' and advise me for further correspondence with the company on this uncertainty and to get fruitful outcome?

    Awaiting advice.
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    This happens when the HR department has multiple shortlisted profiles. And they are waiting for some other process to finish before finalizing the candidate. This could be because if they want to look for more candidate then usually keep other people on hold. Hold means two things in terms of recruiter - one the candidate should be taken into consideration if they don't meet another better candidate. And second they want to consider you if they have any other remarks from other interviewers to be finished about your assessment. Based on that they can take the decision. It all comes down to in which context they are holding the candidates position. Most of the time it also means rejection but in such case they usually say - "we may think about you after going through other candidates interviews".

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    There may be various reasons behind this. The management may decide not to fill up the vacancy at present. This happens when the company undertakes cost-cutting measures and doesn't fill up the vacancies. On the other hand, if the company decides to interview some more candidates for that particular position, they may put on hold the announcement of result (i.e., declaring the name of successful candidate) for the time being.

    Best of luck to you! However, I would advise you not to wait for this particular position and try your luck in other similar organisations.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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