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    How the Class One officers of the departments of railways and posts recruited?

    Aspiring to become a Railways Class One Officer? Find out with expert guidance the eligibility requirements and the recruitment procedure for such a post.

    In the department of railways and post and telegraphs, many Class One officers are recruited on a regular basis for filling up vacant posts. Is a separate competitive examination conducted for such recruitment? What are the eligibility criteria and application procedure in such cases?
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    I dont know about Posts, but in Indian Railways Class One officers are recruited via the UPSC exams in Accounts, Personnel, Traffic and RPF; from the SCRA exams conducted by UPSC for Class 12 students for Engineering courses from where the engineers can hope for Class One postings as Railways Engineers after graduating; from IES (Indian Engineering Services) which is the UPSC Engineering Exams for direct recruitment as Class One officers in the Engineering Department of Indian Railways.

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