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    Inquire to HR about timeline to open the position is on hold

    Have a query about hold position in recruitment process? Wondering how to talk ot HR? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    One and a half month back I was interviewed for Manager's position in Saudi Arabia. Last week I was informed by Company HR that my profile has been shortlisted by all concern departments including HRD. I understood various reasons of HOLDING the position (as informed by HR Manager and ensured to get back soon surely).
    Can you advice me about how to approach to HR to thank them for the consideration and to get the timeline to Open the Hold position. Because the interviewer had considered me as the most potential candidate during the interview and HR Manager had also consented on my candidature. Therefore I am very optimistic about getting an offer. Awaiting response.

    Awaiting tricky communication tips/advice with HR.

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    I think the author may consider restraint and have patience in awaiting further communication from the concerned manager without advertising the matter too much in the public domain. Such an action is likely to be not liked much by the company. Also, the things can be taken as finalized only after joining the company on receipt of a firm offer .

    Since the author has not yet been finally selected by the company , no rules and regulations apply at this stage. The private companies are free to take their own decision regarding selection of an employee for their organization on payment basis. No external agency can intervene in such matters.

    Regarding posting a response to the mail/letter received, the same should be acknowledged politely and a willingness to join the company on receipt of a firm offer should be reiterated.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    If the HR said that the position is on hold and they didn't follower you up with the communication of any sort. That means they have got new candidate and are less likely to approach any new candidate. So you need to make sure that there is going to be rejection in such case. It's better if you just focus on the upcoming opportunities. The current scenario is like the person is being hold onto the position is less likely to be approached by the HR. And saying on hold from here onward means we are politely rejecting you. It's a bit harsh to take that as answer but it seems the company not following up with you after some time shows the signs.

    You may send email to them and follow up. And if their answer remains the same as on hold. Then you can confirm the rejection. The reason being company didn't take the follow up in your case. So you should move on from this company's interview process. This way you don't have to waiting for months only to think of rejection.

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