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    What is an honors degree and how it differs from a normal degree?

    Want to know the difference between a normal and an Honors degree? Find advice from experts on this page.

    What is an Honors degree? e.g. What is the difference between a B.Sc. and a B.Sc.(Honors) degree? Is the duration of both the degrees same? Total how many subjects are taught in a B.Sc. and a B.Sc.(Honors) degree? Is a post graduation course after an honors degree of a lesser duration?
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    A slight correction in English grammar. It should be 'an' honors degree and not 'a' honors' degree, just like 'an' hour and not 'a' hour. The reason 'h' in these words is pronounced as 'au' i.e a vowel sound.

    Now coming to the question, B.A or B.Sc and B.A (Hons) and B.Sc (Hons) have the same duration of study. The syllabus is same for both the bachelor's degrees, however the Honors degree will have additional papers to study which is not so for ordinary bachelor's degree. These additional papers i.e additional syllabus which the honors degree students study is a part of syllabus that is taught in the Post Graduation studies. So, those who do B.A (Hons) / B.Sc (Hons) find it a bit easier when they join M.A / M.Sc in the same stream.

    For e.g if a student doing ordinary degree has to write Paper I, Paper II and Paper III (say of Chemistry) in the exams, the Hons students will have to write additional papers of Paper IV, Paper V and Paper VI. (This is just an example and not factual).

    And no the post graduation course after B.A (Hons) / B.Sc (Hons) degree will not be of lesser duration.

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    The suffix used "honors" to the degree could be for many reasons., In some universities the candidates completing the graduation in one attempt get the honors. In some case the type of electives chosen gives them honors. And some get honors for topping in the university. In case of B.Sc. and a B.Sc.(Honors) in your university, you have to check if the electives chosen for the graduation gives you that title. Most likely that seems to be the case.

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    I am giving reply to your queries in seriatim:-

    (a) Studying Honours course in a subject during Graduation helps a student to acquire additional knowledge on that particular subject. For example, as a student Mathematics Honours, I had to study additional papers in Mathematics.
    (b) In earlier days, Graduation was of two years, but Honours Degree as given after three years. I appeared in Physics (3 papers: subsidiary), Chemistry (3 papers: subsidiary) and Maths. (4 papers: Part-I) after two years years and obtained Graduation degree. In the third year, I studied only 4 Maths. papers and obtained Honours degree. However, nowadays, all papers are equally distributed and both Pass and Honours degree are obtained after three years.
    (c) Post-Graduation Degree is of two years duration irrespective of the Graduation Degree (Pass or Honours).

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    The difference between an honours and a pass - degree is due to nature of papers. In the pass - course, one is supposed to clear three subjects and each subject contains three papers and hence in that way, total aggregate marks for the pass- course is 900.
    In the honours subject, one is required to appear in six papers apart from taking two additional subjects containing three papers in each subject. Total aggregate marking in that way stretches to 1200.
    Needless to say, the subject chosen as Honours requires additional studies to pass the same. In order to secure a post graduation degree, the aspirants having more than 55 percent are preferred.

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    First of all doing honours gives one an additional knowledge about a particular subject which one took as his honours subject and the only differences between pass subject and honours subject is that, if the person is studying honours he/she should have to give an extra 3 papers regarding his honours papers in comparison to pass course papers.
    And one more thing, is that the honours papers has more value than pass papers in today's world.

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