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    Cbse english textbook for class 8

    Are class 8 textbooks by S.chand worth reading?

    Hello Everyone,
    I am a 8th standard student, planning to refer to cbse english textbook for class 8 by S. Chand[ ]
    Are these books worth referring to? Please give me genuine reviews regarding the same
    Thank you in advance
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    The basic textbooks should be what recommended by the teachers. Generally, in all schools the subject teachers recommend certain books which should be referred to for pursuing studies.
    In my opinion at eighth standard, reading extra/addition books is likely to create confusion among the students. The pre-secondary level is the basic learning phase and therefore the basic textbook should be sufficient until and unless in future pursuing further studies in the English subject only is planned.

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    The basic text books designed by the panel of experts have incorporated all the relevant details and it would be best on your part to go through the same religiously. Any doubt or confusion is to be wiped out with the consultation of your teacher.
    The teachers of your class are the best guides to promote your knowledge. So, it would be better to have their consultation in this respect.

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    For the purpose of examination, I would sincerely advice you to stick to your school-books as per the syllabus of CBSE. However, to improve your English and to develop the taste of English literature, I would advise you start reading English classics during your spare time. You have to read the newspaper and periodicals also. If you make constant effort, one day you will develop your own style.

    I reiterate that for the purpose of examination, you stick to the books prescribed by CBSE for your class.

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    Text books are prescribed by the concerned school. Don't take decision of your own regarding text books. In the examination/test conducted by school question are set from prescribed books only.
    If you study the books of your own, then you may score less. For enhancing your knowledge you can read extra books from good authors. For performing well in the examination conducted by school you have to fallow the books prescribed by school authority.

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    S.Chand Publication has a good reputation in schools and among students.Its grammar book has good reorganization in India.You may study S.Chand Grammar book,but choosing text book you should depend on school curriculum.Questions are asked from prescribed book in schools.
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    I recommend that you must stick to the curriculum and use only ncert textbooks. But you can refer to other books, in order to improve you English and to broaden your vocabulary. These reference books will definitely help you in the long run, as they are certainly much more resourceful.

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    For eight student , you must follow those books which were recommended by your teacher's or school. Please don't go through too much different books in class Eight, if you go in class nine then you will buy additional book.
    Thank you

    Saket Kumar
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