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    How to cure the cheek white patch caused by fungal infection

    Worried about a white patch on your cheek caused by fungal infection? Go through the responses below to get some suggestions on which cream or other remedies which will be effective to deal with it.

    I had an itch according to my doctor's report on my cheek & my doctor suggested to me to use Surfaz sn (an antifungal, antibacterial cream). I have been using this cream for two weeks, but the infected area got too white a patch more than it was earlier. It also got smooth. It gives quite an ugly look and my natural skin colour is fading away. Now it is more than one and half months, so please help me by suggesting a good cream which will work on it and let me know how much time will be taken to get my natural skin colour back.
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    Fungal infection are caused by bacteria which are hidden in the water tank and the water taken out and used by us do affect our skin very much with infection. In the market there are many creams and lotions to get rid of fungus and not all of them are effective. If you want to go for desi treatment then use Haldi or turemric powder along with some sandal powder to get rid of fungus and white patches. And if you want to use some balm, then go for Sibol which is every effective on fungal infection. Moreover use only Dettol soap and do not use ordinary bath soap which may aggravate the problem.
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    Fungal infections in face are caused by fungi and it is most common in hot and humid conditions. Fungi contaminates the water and by using the same we get the fungal infection, by direct tissue invasion. And these causes the allergic patches in our face which is itchy , creating redness, scaling in our face.

    This could be treated by many modern creams and some are bit effective in a way, and I am going to share some remedies which I learnt over the time in home and internet.
    -- Apple cider vinegar can used in face when dilute in water. After washing face and whipping it with clean cloth, can apply the liquid over the infected skin.
    -- Garlic can be used to cure the fungal face infection as it is antifungal in nature. It can be applied by cutting the garlic in pieces and applying the patches or skin infections.
    -- Instead using any other soaps, Sulfur soaps can be used to get cure from the facial infections.
    -- Antifungal creams like - Lamisil, ring guard, candid b, Fungiliv, canestan.. as such can also be used to treat facial fungal infection.

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    Application of appropriate anti fungal ointments is usually sufficient to treat it. However , a residual white patch may remain even after the symptoms decrease.
    This takes time to resolve .
    Using antioxidant vitamins and ointments containing melanin which cause the white patch to regress is helpful.
    Consulting a dermatologist/ cosmetologist and using prescribed medication is advised than to use self medication.

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    White patch on skin and that too on the cheek is really very embarrassing. You have already used some medical cream but it has not given any cosmetic relief so far.
    I suggest you to consult some skin specialist (Dermatologist) who can examine the problem in detail and carry over tests if so warranted. This will then help you in planning the remedies as advised by him.
    Though there are various Ayurvedic and home made formulations available in the market but it is better to get the advice of a specialist before going for any further medication.

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