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    How to set a password for folders in Windows 7 Home premium OS

    Need to password-protect your folders in Windows 7 Home premium OS? Learn the step by step process with expert guidance.

    I'm using Windows 7 Home premium OS. I would like to keep my folders protected from others rater than read only/hide option. I want to set a password to my files, to open that file/folder without using any software to get this feature in Windows 7. By default there would be some features. Kindly share that procedure as step by step process. If not possible in Windows 7 home premium OS, then leave it. If there is a way in this OS to get that bitclocker feature, let me know the steps please.
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    First thing if you want to apply password to your windows then you have to go to control settings and then assign a password there. I think you have asked about how to apply password to our folders and secure them.
    1. Copy the folder to the desktop which you want to apply password.
    2. Right click on the folder for which you want to put password, then select properties---> advanced-----> select encrypt contents to secure data---> ok ---->then apply the password.
    Now your folder is secured with password. In some OS duplicate folder with same name is created and that folder is protected by password. The original one is kept as same. In that case you can delete the folder which is not protected and use the duplicate folder which is protected by the password.

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    Windows 7 does not have it's built in method for the password protection so there are two methods for creating password protected folder.

    1. Shell script for password.
    2. Program such as folder protect

    You can find the powershell script for the password protection to folder. Here;s the URL:

    External apps that can help you protect the folder with password:

    1. Folder guard
    2. Folder protect
    3. Wincry
    4. Axcrypt

    These are some of the apps that help you protect the folder with password.

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    In Windows 7 Operating Systems to be install in PC. In addition of Folder Lock - File Lock and File Encryption Software to be install to your PC. So anything that will help in secures your systems and better than systems files. Don't use piracy Operating systems and not secure in folder lock software. Add in addition software of any one Antivirus software to secure the folder lock software and also files in your system.

    In your files check to encrypt files and lock the folder locker to save an antivirus. Folder locks create anti lockers and just you can put your money in a safe in banks and would you like to keep your files in digital locker than safe in your bank vault.

    Folder lock software is working for windows7 home premium original version and don't get in piracy software. You want to lock and hide some folders to try some software to create some problems for any software.

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