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    Best free software to record keystroke (password)

    Want to record password keystrokes? Looking out for free software for this function? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I want to record all passwords (keystrokes) in my windows 7 (OS). Note that I need password(keystroke) recording options of website and of visual basic/foxpro software security.
    Which software list which support windows 7/xp ?
    Actually, one software had been installed in my laptop. Now I want to record that security password , while they enter the password to view there coding.
    Can you share the free software to record passwords related keyboard recording spy software for windows 7/xp ? If possible can you also provide link to download that free software?
    Awaiting response.
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    The type of software you are looking for is called keylogger. And snooping on someone else's password is called "hacking". And it's unethical to snoop on others password. So you need to understand that if this is something unethical and would be against adsense TOS on this site to share on ISC. So I won't be giving you any links. However I can give you names which you can google and try them on your own.

    However there are some free softwares which can be checked are:
    1. REFOG Free Keylogger
    2. DanuSoft Free Keylogger
    3. Real Free Keylogger
    4. Revealer Keylogger Free

    If anyone used program such as keyscrambler then you can notice that it'd not be possible to read the keystrokes there onwards.

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    Keylogger is what you would require for recording each of the keystrokes which is available as a hardware as well. It can be connected as a hardware device from your keyboard to one of the USB ports at the back of the computer. However, I am afraid if you require this for a genuine intention as the practice of recording keystrokes is unethical and it's actually considered as a malware.

    So I would suggest you better to understand the harmfulness it does to your computer before getting them installed. Beware, it's a compromise on your own security for others and vice-versa. Mahesh on the above thread has already mentioned about the free software available. I would also prefer not to share the links here.


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