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What should I do to prepare for Group Discussion in interview?

Date: 18 Sep 2016    Group: Career Guidance    Category: Engineering Jobs   

I like to be a Java developer but I have a problem with Group Discussion(GD) during the interview. I really don't like GD because I don't know what topic they will give us to discuss. I am thinking if they give a topic that I don't have any idea about it(like related to politics) than what I will do? Will I start staring the faces of interviewees?
I am afraid when I think about it. So coming to my point do all interview have GD section?
Will they will give us list of possible topics which will be asked in GD or not?
My English speaking is not fluent so even if get a good topic that I know something about it, I will not able to present it properly. So what should I do regarding this?
Awaiting advice.

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Author: Seema Shah    18 Sep 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

Since you have described some points and posed several questions, you can check out my suggestions, tips and opinions from my experience embedded in yuor questions:

I like to be a Java developer but I have a problem with Group Discussion(GD) during the interview. I really don't like GD because I don't know what topic they will give us to discuss.
[If you want to join a company, then you will need to follow their recruitment cycle. There is no choice. GDs are normally on current hot topics where there can be discussion.]

I am thinking if they give a topic that I don't have any idea about it(like related to politics) than what I will do? Will I start staring the faces of interviewees?
[If you want to get recruited / selected by that company, then start preparing now in what ever time you have available with you. There is no need to stare at the interviewees faces.]

I am afraid when I think about it. So coming to my point do all interview have GD section?
[No, all companies do not have GD. The recruitment cycle involves: Aptitude test, programming test (one or more rounds, may be some are given for home assignment before the interview), GD, technical interview round, personal or HR interview round. It depends on the company which rounds to conduct. They typically follow the same process every year. You can checkout from the placement department or seniors and they will tell you which company has how many and what types of rounds. Companies choose a set of components to shortlist and finalize the most suitable and outstanding candidates from all the applicants ]

Will they will give us list of possible topics which will be asked in GD or not?
[I don't think that the company recruitment team would ever give the topics. Most often it is supposed to be impromptu and they want to check your general knowledge, clarity in thought, presentation, communication, interpersonal, team work skills, leadership skills. ]

My English speaking is not fluent so even if get a good topic that I know something about it, I will not able to present it properly. So what should I do regarding this?
[This is what you can do immediately to improve your English speaking skills:
a. Read newspaper/ watch news on TV or read on the internet to become aware of the current affairs.
b. Interact more with people and improve your English speaking and communication skills
c. Express yourself on paper- write answers here on ISC. You will get clarity of your thoughts.
d. Practice mock GDs to gather confidence
e. Compulsorily speak in English with family/ friends etc. for at least some specific time daily.

Hope the above points will resolve your queries and enable you to prepare and do well in your interview. All the best!

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Author: Anju sharma    18 Sep 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 2  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

I faced the same problem before 4 year and today I feel that was not that big a problem. What need to be confident while going for GD . Confidence will come when you have knowledge. Read news paper daily so, you will get an idea about other fields also. So at least this fear will go that I don't know about this topic. At least some knowledge you might be having at that time. The second thing about English read English newspapers. From your writing, I can understand you are okay with English while writing, but not might not be able to speak properly. Start talking to yourself in English. In GD they will not check your English, even if you are not fluent just keep your thoughts in confidence.

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Author: Sheo Shankar Jha    18 Sep 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 7  (Rs 7)    Voting Score: 0

I would like to add a few points in this context and the same may be helpful to you.
1) To be Java developer is something else and this proficiency is not related to your GD -skill.
2) To put forth your ideas in a straight way needs your fluency in the language in which you want to express - be it a English - language or otherwise. Fluency can be achieved with your confidence - level.
3) The employers are not going to provide any list indicating the details of GD topics. You may be assigned a topic at the interview - spot and for which speculation is difficult.
4) As is evident from your write - up, it contains all the details you wanted to represent so I am sure the art of conversation can be strengthened with your consistent practice. Locate some institute which may help you in enhancing your English - speaking skill.
5) Make it a routine to go through a leading English - news paper such as The Hindus or The Times of India on a regular basis and see how the views are expressed in the Editorial - columns. While coming across a new word, try to know its exact meaning and how the same can be utilised in course of conversation.
6) Indulge freely in conversation in English with the people known for proficiency in the language. Request them to point out your errors at the end of the session so that you may take steps to rectify them.
7) Listening to BBC channels or any English Channel patiently will help you to restore your confidence.
You have to identify your own strength and in no way you should feel frustrated with the negativity.

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Author: Mahesh    20 Sep 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 6  (Rs 6)    Voting Score: 0

When it comes to GD you have to understand that you have very less time to present your point. And you have to come across as diplomatic and assertive person. And that way you'd be able to pass any GD round quickly.

1. If you have not much experience in English speaking, I suggest increasing your time watching English movies and content. This way you'd manage to learn more words and know in which context you can use. It takes time to master the English, so you also need to write the content on regular basis too.

2. Communicate on Skype with your friends online. This way you can also improve your English. Make sure you choose English speaking friends online as this way you can easily improve your English vocabulary.

3. Put your point across in assertive way. This way you don't end up making conclusion on the topic. Because keeping the group discussion on the point and if it has negative conclusion then it could be something you'd have issue dealing with.

4. Developers and testers make use of GD skill in the office meetings, code review and the scrum meetings. You also need to explain what you have done at the office and for that presentation you need to learn the GD skills. So don't ignore the GD skill.

5. HR and the technical interviewer look for your ability to present the point assertive and positive way. And this can be good for making progress ahead.

I suggest starting slow and making slow progress on this as you can't master this skill overnight and you have to be constantly in social touch for this.

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Author: Alok Kumar    20 Sep 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 7  (Rs 7)    Voting Score: 0

Group discussion is the essential part of most of the interview. To get selected for any job (including Java expert) requiring any personal proficiency, group discussion is a must now a days. Group discussion is mainly to ascertain the personality of a person which the main trait to be checked in each employee irrespective of their professional expertise.
Generally new hot topics are selected for group discussion. Since English is the most popular language, preferably topic is to be discussed in English only.
To prepare for GD one must practice these steps.
1. Join any English speaking course to improve your English speaking skills.
2. Read any Standard English newspaper daily, especially editorial page.
3. Try to understand the topic in depth and make your own opinion about it.
4. Be in touch with all contemporary burning issues.

After practicing it for few days, now few tips for group discussion.

1. Be confident of yourself. Think you are competing with the candidates of comparable capabilities. This will enhance your morale.
2. After topic is given for discussion, try to speak as early as possible. The more you delay your entry, the more are the chances of your points to be narrated already by some other candidate.
3. If you are supporting any other candidates view, support with some new point.
4. If you get another chance of speaking, you must put your view with some new point.
5. If somewhere you are sticking for any English word, you can resort to Hindi or any known language to candidates and again switch over to English.
6. If possible give unique/interesting point of view for any topic to catch the attention of other candidates.

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Author: Raja    21 Sep 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 7  (Rs 7)    Voting Score: 0

Its good ambition to become as a Java Developer. Since Java has a good recruitment with programming skills.

There is nothing to be feared about the Group Discussion in any type of interview. Actually Group Discussion is an way to mix with the group of people. Every interview
will have Written Test that has Aptitude, Technical round. After that Group Discussion comes there for checking the communication of the candidate and the candidate is
able to express his thoughts up to date in knowledge, quick thinking and able to talk freely without any obstacles.

A Java developer been assigned to a group of team mates and a team leader or a project leader to handle the project. Then the project will be shared or chunked as modules. Every module will have one individual or two persons in a group. This group discussion will be useful if the the team leader does ask for a suggestion among the group, "whether you have previous experience about this domain, field you are about to develop a project on the given topic".
And there are many reasons for a Group Discussion to be conducted in the interview.

Liking the Group Discussion is liking your job. New ideas will flourish. Most of the Top B-Schools do have Group Discussion. Based on the candidate's expressing ability and thinking capacity also the way they communicate the Packages are also considered to be good. These Group Discussion will be like some kind of loud and strong in the B-School. Talent also matters.

Group Discussion -- Make Interest with Group Discussion.

1. Updating yourself in the news, sports, Technology, etc... would be added advantage for the Group Discussion.
2. Speak yourself in front of the mirror so that you should be able to speak at least to a minimum of 2 minutes. This will make you overcome your fear of speaking.
3. During the weekend go out with your friends, discuss a topic where everybody would be interested, converse in English Language and communicate with all the friends with the group. This makes you think in different angles and makes you come out of the shell to talk in front of the crowd.
4. Keep a good grammar of English while conversing. This will avoid spelling mistakes while you are talking.
5. Do your home work, choose different topics what will come on the group discussion and work on them by writing the points on the paper or on a note. Revise them and try to present them in front of the mirror. Present the topic with your friends, your friends may have ideas based on the topics which we will not be able to think.collect them. Add to your notes. In this way you can make yourself interesting with the group discussion topics.
6. Communication through English is the main part of the Group Discussion. So not to fear or stammer.

Ways to Improve Group discussion

1. Watch movies which have very less conversations first then move on to good movies that have only communication.
2. Watch all the news channels. Understand the current affairs, note it down. Try to think some points of your own, then present it to yourself in front of the mirror.
3. Read English newspapers and also read other news
4. Read as much as you can and write it on a paper with your ideas and thoughts. This will help you rephrasing the sentences and make you understand the news.
5. Think quickly, speak with positive attitude, present yourself in front of your friends to avoid shyness while talking.

Most of the Companies like MNC' s have the same way of recruitment cycle for the job. Only some of the top hiring companies do not reveal their hiring cycle and
they change dynamically. Some other interviews are for rare talents and individualized talents based on the openings.

If you are fresher with good percentage first practice yourself as much as you can to get a job with good companies. Make attempts with your friends and clear your
mind of doubts so that positive attitude will be in your mind.

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