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    How to save recharge amount in Android Mobile Phone

    Wondering how to save recharge amount in Android phone? Find answers to your query on this page.

    When we switch over from basic mobile phone to android mobile phone, this type of problems happen very frequently. I have overcome this problem to certain extent by adopting some measures as explained ahead.
    In android mobile phone some applications are installed in hand set by default by the manufacturer and we install some applications as per our need. Installing the application consumes data that deducts recharge amount.
    Make sure that applications auto update is disabled. It means auto update of the applications should be in our control. Whenever we are in need, update the particular application. Before updating, confirm the need of update to suit requirement. All the updates are not useful. Configure the mobile phone to open the applications with Wi-Fi. If it is configured to open with mobile data means whenever we are selecting the mobile data on, applications installed in our mobile phone will start using mobile data automatically and consume the recharged amount.
    Mobile phone recharge offers are available in different categories for ex. Full talk time, top up, 3G/4G data, roaming and special recharge etc. We should recharge our hand set as per our requirement.
    Apart from these measures to save recharge amount, can you share some better ideas in this regard?
    Awaiting response.
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    It's completely possible that the settings on your android phone lead to the data being used automatically. This means you have to make the settings that saves your data.

    1. If your mobile phone has the data saver mode, turn it on. It stops the apps from automatically updating itself.
    2. Set the android phone to update only on Wifi.
    3. Make the setting in Google play store to disallow auto update the apps.
    4. Go through each app's network settings and turn off the auto update.
    5. Disable the Sync feature for the default google apps by going to Settings > Sync.
    6. Use the UCBrowser. This reduces your data taken by the browser.
    7. Enable data saving mode on Chrome. This can be useful on the chrome browser on your smartphone.
    8. Disable mobile data when you are not interested in connecting to internet.

    That being said you have to be proactive in order for you to save the data on smartphone or the tablet. If you miss any above step then it could lead into the mobile recharge making use of the data and ending up eating the battery.

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