How to design an EtherCAT slave?

Wondering how to design an EtherCAT cable? Searching for methods for the design? Find advice from experts on this page.

I am the student of Master of Technology (Electronics). As a part of my project I need to design an EtherCAT slave board (not for a particular application). I just want serial peripheral interface through it.
I am considering three options for designing EtherCAT Slave board.
First is using Sitara starter kit as EtherCAT slave. Second is Using a EtherCAT slave controller board like FB1111-0141 and interfacing it with a microprocessor or microcontroller board like ADuC 7020 or designing a circuit with microprocessor.
The third one is using a manufactured EtherCAT slave card.
I don't have knowledge of EtherCAT and any of the above. My guide has suggested this to me. I am very much confused about how can I do it? I have started reading all of the above and getting a little idea but still I need help because I don't have prior experience of designing a circuit. Can you advice?
Awaiting response.