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    Who was Baba Deep Singh? What was his contribution for Sikhism?

    Are you keen to know about Baba Deep Singh of Amritsar? If yes then go through the discussions here about Baba Deep Singh and his influence on the Sikhs.

    During my visit to Amritsar, I stayed at Baba Deep Singh Niwas which is located at a distance of ten minutes from the Golen Temple. There was a very big Gurdwara bearing his name just opposite to the Niwas.

    No doubt, Baba Deep Singh was a very famous Sikh. I would like to know about him and his contribution to Sikhism.
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    Baba Deep Singh was a sikh martyr born in 1682. He was a Khalsa military soldier. He was baptized and introduced to Sikhism by Guru Gobindh Singh. Harmandar Saheb aka The Golden temple was blown up and the sacred pool was filled by carcasses of cows, by Afghan soldiers.
    Deep Singh along with few other villagers rebuilt the temple as it is today and they all joined to fight against the Afghans. In the war that followed, he was decapitated.

    Legends say that he fought the war with sword in his right hand and his severed head in his left hand. He finally breathed his last when he reached Golden temple.

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