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    Can I do MArch after BTech in Civil Engineering?

    Wondering if one can do M Arch after BTech Civil? On this page experts shell provide you with resolution to your queries.

    This is a major query which always ran through my mind.
    I am about to complete my BTech in Civil Engineering and now I am planning to do my Masters. But the problem is that I am very much interested in Architecture, and iIhaven't heard anyone taking Masters in Architecture after BTech.
    So I would like to know: Is it possible for me to specialise in Architecture (MArch) after completing my BTech? If yes, then will there be any benefit as compared to those completing BArch cor vice versa?
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    No. You cannot do M.Arch., after your B.Tech.,
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    Cijo, you did it again despite being told on earlier occasions. However, this thread is being shifted to Ask Expert section.
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    B.Tech in Civil - engineering deals with the papers like Sanitation - engineering, Public - health, Hydraulics, Tunnel - engineering etc. The engineers having acquired the degree in Civil - engineering are engaged in the construction of Bridges, Roads, Construction of buildings, Erection of multi-stored building etc since they have been taught in that line. Now taking the course of Architecture, the course content of this stream does not match with that of Civil - engineering. Even the duration of course content of Architechtural - engineering takes five year duration where as duration of BE Civil - engineering course takes four years in its completion.
    Considering all the points discussed above, one cannot persue M.Arch course after passing out BE in Civil - engineering.

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