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    Problem with my PC

    Having a problem with your PC? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    How do I solve the following problem:
    With every click the following page appears: Windows 7C repair/ reimage repair.
    I am unable to open the pages. The reimage repair page keeps popping up and it is frustrating. Experts suggest what needs to be done.
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    The Repair/re image page could appear due to adware installed on your computer. It could have probably got installed when you downloaded some software or some other data from internet. Note that all the downloads from internet are not trusted ones and they can install virus / adware in your computer without your knowledge. This mainly happens when you download files with extension .exe or .zip. When you install or unzip these files, it installs some virus / adware also in your system in the background which we will get to know only after getting the unwanted pop-ups.

    Now, to get rid of this I would suggest to do the following things.
    1. Install an antivirus software like Kaspersky, Mcafee.,etc., and do a deep scan of your system. Clear all those suspicious data / files which it lists in the report.
    2. Clear your system temporary files with some Cleanup software and clear the browser cache, cookies.,etc, from all the browsers in your system.
    3. Always download software's from reputed sites. Do not download software's which are not trusted ones.


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    There seems to be spyware in your computer. This spyware is basically an adware that wants to make money when you purchase the software. And for that reason it would be better to use the following spyware remover to get it clearnd.

    1. Malwarebytes anti malware.
    2. Spybot search and destroy

    These two if scanned can remove the spyware from the system. you can alternatively format the system. and you can clean the PC for any form of infection. That should be the last option though.

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    What I suggest that store all your important files in a disc or pen drive and then boot the entire system with the new OS so that what ever intrusions in your computer would be get ridden off. Normally we think that by removing all the programs we may loose even the software already loaded. But safeguarding them in a separate file and the then booting the computer would be advisable. By the way never ever repair the computer on your own even though you are a computer expert. Please consult a professional and get the work done as we want peaceful working in future.
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    If you are seeing random pop-up ads from Reimage Repair within Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome, then it is possible that you have adware program installed on your computer.

    Once malicious program is installed, whenever you will browse the Internet, an ad from Reimage Repair will randomly pop-up. Reimage Repair is not a malicious domain, however cyber criminals are using referral programs to display pop-up ads for this website, thus generating advertising revenue.

    STEP 1: Use Antivirus like - Zemana AntiMalware Portable to remove adware
    STEP 2: Scan and clean your computer
    STEP 3: Double-check for malicious programs
    (OPTIONAL) STEP 4: Reset your browser to default settings

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    It is malware and you can use good windows antivirus which remove malware.
    Before you install antivirus make sure to backup your data in formatted usb disk.
    Now kill the process of reimage repair from task manager.
    Go to control panel and uninstall reimage repair software.
    Restart computer and install antivirus. Scan whole computer and delete risk viruses.
    If you lose data, then connect the usb where you have backup and make sure to scan it. This will delete all virus. Then copy data back to computer.
    Alternately take out your hard drive and connect it to other computer which has antivirus and scan it. It should delete virus and you can reconnect back to your computer after cleaning.

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