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    What is the box office collection of the movie Dangal?

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    Much hyped Dangal movie staring Aamir Khan has released in India and worldwide open with good reviews and hype and minting good amount of money from the box office as per the entertainment sources. I would like to know how much is the box office collection of Dangal in India and worldwide so far?
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    Dangal has created record of sorts with respect to box office collections. As of 18th day of its release it has grossed over Rs 523 crores (combined home plus overseas earnings). This is said to be the highest box office amount ever earned by an Indian movie.
    There are two big questions:
    1. Whether its collections will cross Rs 1000 crore, and
    2. Which other coming movies have the potential to compete with such an earning amount? Likely names are being whispered as 'ROBOT-2' and 'BAHUBALI-2'. The release date for BAHUBALI-2 has been rescheduled as 28th April, 2017. Also, ROBOT-2 may be released in Diwali, 2017.

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    Aamir Khan's Dangal has surpassed all Indian films in terms of earnings. Dangal has become Bollywood's highest earning Indian film. The record was previously hold by Aamir Khan's PK of Rs.340.8 crore. Also, it has become 2016's highest earning film by beating Salman Khan's Sultan.
    But Dangal has smashed this record by collecting a total of Rs.345.30 crore till now and is likely to enter in 350 crore club. Dangal has earned about 180 crore from the overseas market.
    Dangal Earnings
    In India - Rs.345.30
    Overseas - Rs.180 crore
    Overall Earnings - Rs. 525 crore

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    As of fresh update.. Dangal has created the record again. As we know recently Dangal movies has been released in china and collected 1800 crores in three weeks. Now Dangal is the indian first movie which created the record of highest collections in oversees. Dangal movie breaks the record of Bahubali-2 also as of Bahubali-2 collected 1580 crores and Dangal collected 1800 crores. Now will wait and see which movie beats the record of Dangal.

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