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    How can I resolve dandruff issue?

    Have a dandruff issue? Check out remedies from experts on this page.

    I am a 21 year old girl. My hair is generally dry in nature. I have dandruff for more than one year. I am tired of trying some anti dandruff shampoos for clearing my dandruff. Can you suggest some efficient home remedies for dandruff and also tell me about how to avoid dandruff after cure?
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    Dandruff is a condition of scalp where it is very difficult to get rid of it as it surface out every time it is treated with shampoos etc. This is a condition which is to be managed with regular cleaning of scalp. It is advisable to use mild cleaners as to avoid long term harm to skin.
    There are many home remedies for this condition. One of the commonest is washing head with curd and gram flour. This gives quite a good result. After this a quick wash with mild shampoo will clean the residues if any.
    People having dandruff should be careful as they have to clean their combs regularly. One must be careful after hair cutting and visit to beauty parlour as it can be sometimes acquired specially if Hygiene conditions are not maintained there.

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    Thank you for your valuable information.Is there any proportion between curd and gram flour?how many times we have to use this home remedy for eradicating dandruff in a month?
    How long we have to keep this mixture in our head?

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    To avoid dandruff there are many home remadies available. And if you use natural remadies then it will be also good for your hair. I am writing a method which I had used personaly and benifited. You can use juice of the inner part of elephant apple. And use it like oil on your hair 10 to 15 minutes before bath. Then clean your hair with your regular shampoo or conditioner anything you use. This may be helpful.

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    There are plenty of ways you can avoid the dandruff. Lot of methods out there but avoid the chemical base treatment. Some of the ways you can do that is as follows -

    1. Aloe vera : Using the raw gel of the aloe vera branch can be useful for the hair fall and the dandruff. Make sure to use it atleast once a month. That should definitely help your hairs and the skin.

    2. Karnjel Oil : This oil can help get rid of the dandruff and helps the skin. It reduces the amount of the hairs that fall everyday.

    3. Keshking : This oil has proven to be good for those who want to reduce the hair falll and dandruff. The reason behind hair fall and dandruff is the lack of oil on your skin. So you can avoid that using oil such as this.

    Make sure that you don't use those fancy shampoo and hairoils in such case which are meant for hair fall. Make sure to use the herbal oils as much as possible.

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    Answer to Selvipriya.N query-
    For 50 gm of gram flour about 4-5 tablespoon of curd will suffice. Rubbing the mixure slowly on head and keeping it for 15 minutes before washing is OK.

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    Dandruff can be tackled with the use of the following home - remedies and these applications involve less costs in comparasion to the products available in the market. The following tips may be tried.
    1) You may apply Olive - oil on the scalp and a gentle massage of the same is required to be done for at least ten minutes so that the oil penetrates to the pores beneath the hairs and on the following morning, the hair is to be washed with a gentle shampoo.
    2) lemon has the capability of enhancing the ph value thereby destroying the infection of dandruff. The best way would be to take one table spoon of lemon - juice followed by two table spoon of coconut - oil and both the products are to be mixed uniformly and the same is to be applied on the scalp and after twenty - minutes, the hairs are to be rinsed with slight warm water. A regular application of this concoction for a couple of days would provide you a positive result.
    3) Neem - leaves do provide excellent results in the elimination of dandruff if the same is used regularly for at least ten days. Take six to eight Neem leaves and by boiling the same in 100 ml of water till its volume recedes to half, the same can be applied on the pores of the hairs by cooling the same. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of the Neem - leaves would clear the dandruffs in a very short period of time.
    4) A regular application of curd of around 50'ml followed by approx 10 GM of gram - flour are to be mixed thoroughly and this should be applied on the scalp and after twenty minutes, you can rinse your hairs. This will yield you a very positive result.
    A little change in the diet regimen by including citrus fruits like Lemon. Papaya, Aloevera etc would help you in the removal of dandruff quickly. You are advised to use your own combs and towels in order to arrest the infection.

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    For some people with heavy presence of dandruff in their hair, using even the dandruff shampoo regularly does not give cent percent results. I suggest going for henna. Henna is the natural product from the nature and the leaves taken out from the tree can be grinned along with some shikakai and amla so that a good effective treatment to remove dandruff altogether can be ensured. Some Henna products are coming with ammonia mixed in it and that is dangerous to our skin. Go for plain henna powder and add shikkakai and amla powder to that and have head bath at least twice a week to weed out dandruff completely.
    K Mohan
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    Best and simple way to get rid of dandruff is...lemon juice and egg white mask, I have being using it past 6 months and believe me it works magically. Egg white has a rich source of protein contain helps against hair fall and will keep your hair looks healthy and shiny..and lemon is known for citrix acid which again help to keep your scalp dandruff free...
    Also try D'free anti dandruff lotion, Easily available in any drugstore.

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