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    Age limit for CBSE board exam

    Worried that your daughter will not be able to appear for the CBSE Board exam when in class 10? Find out from experts what is the age criteria for appearing for the Std 10 CBSE exam.

    My daughter's date of birth is 1.7.2009 and now she is studying 3rd std. When I was seeking admission in another CBSE School they were telling that there will be a problem for her when she is writing her Std X board exam.
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    From what I understand she will be appearing in her 10th standard exam at in 2024. Her age then will be 15 years. It seems quite OK. I don't find any problem. Generally children are 14 to 16 when they appear for 10th standard exam.

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    Your daughter can appear in CBSE Xth standard examination earliest in 2024. In March 2024 (when Xth standard examination will be held), your daughter will be 14 years 8 months old. CBSE allows students to appear in Xth standard examination if he/she is above 14.
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    Is 1924 correct? Just asking.
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    Your daughter will be eligible to write her class ten examination conducted by CBSE board upon completion of 14 years of her age. Considering her date of birth as 1.7.2009, her eligibility to appear at the examination of the said Board can be recommended after July 2023 but since the examination of the CBSE Board is held in the month of March each year, she can write her examination in 2024.
    As such, she would not face any problem in relation to her appearance for the said examination. There is no mention of the maximum age for being eligible for this examination.

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    * There is minimum age limit a candidate to fulfil before applying for 10th Board CBSE examination.

    *A candidate cannot get admission in class 1 until he/she complete's 6 year of age.

    *A candidate to appear in 10th standard CBSE Board exam to complete 15year of age is or must be 15+.

    *A regular candidate can write 10th CBSE Board exam. There is no maximum age limit to write CBSE 10th aboard Examination.



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    Dear Sir,

    My daughter's date of birth is 01.10..2004 and now she is studying 9th std. next year she will be eligible for CBSE board for this examination.

    Please advise for the above

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