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    Who is exercising administrative power in Tamilnadu right now?

    Do you want to know who is exercising administrative power in the state of Tamil Nadu in the present scenario? Get the opinions and answers from the constitutional or political experts.

    We all know that the Prime Minister is the highest executive of the country. The President functions as per the advice of the Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister. Similarly, in States, the Chief Minister is the highest executive. The Governor functions as per the advice of the Chief Minister led Cabinet (except in some exceptional cases where the Governor uses his/her discretionary power).

    Tamilnadu is without the Chief Minister for last ten days or so. So, who is taking the administrative decision at the highest level in the State right now? Who is advising the Governor in respect of the administrative issues? Has the administration at highest level in the state stopped functioning?

    Constitutional experts may kindly reply.
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    TamilNadu is with a Chief Minister al these days. O Paneerselvam was elected leader of the legislature party of AIADMK when Jayalalitha was seriously ill. Then Paneerselvam was made CM by governor. However when he submitted his resignation (on electing Sasikala as leader) governor asked him to continue as CM till new arrangements are made. So till Edappadi Palaniswamy was sworn in, Paneerselvam was the Chief Minister. He could do all that is needed for the administration of the state. He could sign all orders and sign on all the files submitted to him for consideration.

    However it is a normal practice for caretaker CM not to take decisions which may have far reaching long term consequences and take fresh policy decisions. Caretaker chief ministers usually take decisions on matters that are urgently required and on the routine day to day administration.
    The secretariat with the state Chief Secretary as its head is there to do all routine administration which are already decided and sanctioned by cabinet, and/or passed by the assembly.

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