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    Can Muslim people with more than two children lose their government job?

    Wondering whether people having more than two children where poly gamy is permitted would lose the benefits of Govt. job. Our experts would clarify the doubts here.

    It is known that Government jobs eligibility applies only for people who have two children. Now once you have government job and you have third child will it possible to lose job? It could be possible that third or more than that are baby born from second or next wife. In such cases from each wife have two kids then can Muslim people with more than two children lose their government job?
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    Your first sentence is factualy incorrect. So, the entire question is based on wrong premises. My father was a Government official and we are three brothers and sisters. Two of us are serving Central Government . My father retired gracefully after serving the Government for 36 years. So, it is totally wrong to say "Government jobs eligibility applies only for people who have two children".

    In actuality, there are some facilities which a Governmnet servant recevies for two children only but not for the third children. As for example, the tuition fee paid by a Government employee is reimbursable (upto a certain limit) for the first two children. If he/she has more than two children, the tuition fees paid for the other children (third, fourth, etc.) are not reimbursable.

    But having three or more children is not a disqualification for continuing Government service. The Government has not yet fixed any limit in respect of having children. Don't believe in rumours. Read the rules very carefully and understand it yourself. Having more than two chilren is discouraged,it has not been banned.

    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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    Government does not discriminate people on religious basis for government jobs. However there may be some preferential opportunity or reservation for specified categories of people. Muslims are also benefited by this in some states.

    The two-child norm is not used to send out any government employee. It is only n encouragement to have less children as per governments population control measures. It relates to certain facilities and reimbursements, scholarships etc. The benefit may be restricted to only two children of the parents. But even in that there is no discrimination on the basis of religion. Please do not have such unreasonable misgivings. Government employees have their own conduct rules and guidelines. An employee has to follow and comply them.

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    The premise of the question seems to be on the basis of wrong assumption. Government does not do recruitment based on the kids one has. Besides many people who get married at later stage in life if had more than 2 kids, doesn't lose the job. That I can confirm considering my uncle had 4 kids. Another part, is that government is neutral to the person's religion, caste as far as job and it's benefit are concerned. Caste based reservation can offer benefit but once the job is acquired there does not seem to be any caste based benefit for the worker. So that is another assumption. Government does not keep track of the workers personal history and get them booted based on the kids they have, times of marriages etc.

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    I don't understand who has misled you with such presumptions. The Family Planning programme is propagated for the betterment of a family so that a small family is always ideal for improvement of self and controlling the growth of population.

    Thus the Government has initiated incentives such as a Personal Pay limited to his annual increment at the time of undergoing the Family Planning operation by self or spouse, if they limit their incrimination of family with two children. Some state Governments are following the practice even now while the 7th Pay commission has recommended dispensing with the grant of Personal Pay/Special Pay for Central Government employees as there is much awareness among the masses about small family norms.

    Irrespective of any religion, no Government employee would lose job if he goes for having more than two children.


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    This is your misunderstanding, you are mistaken. There is no law in our country like the one you are telling. No one can be suspended from of his job for having more than two children. Religion does not matter. India is a democratic country and in a democracy rules and regulations apply on all alike irrespective of caste, religion, sex and community.
    There are some rules regarding martial status of person in certain jobs but even in those jobs you need to fulfill the condition till the time of joining only after that you are free to do anything.
    In some defense posts of Navy, Air Force and Army, only unmarried candidates are eligible to apply but it does not mean that they will have to be unmarried till they are in service. After joining they are free to get married and have children as many as they want.

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