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    Need help to understand Physics topics of Mechanics

    Having a difficulty studying mechanical concepts of Physics? Searching for tips and resources online? Find answers from experts which can provide you with methods to learn the concepts.

    How do I clear my concepts of Mechanics topics in Phyics?
    The topics are centre of mass, conservation forces unit, collision of two particles in one and two dimensions(elastic and inelastic),introduction about conservative and non conservative forces,Rectilinear motion under damping.
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    I will suggest you to hire a tutor for the same. As physics is a tough subject and it is important for a student to clear all the concept to get perfection in any subject or any field. So dear friend don't search on inter to clear your doubt or to understand topics of physics. A teacher can explain you the topics of physics.
    You can find many videos at youtube for different topics but it would not be beneficial for you. First learn topic from a teacher and then you can watch this videos. it would certainly help you to understand different topics.
    You can find a teacher at your local region very easily. You can also join a coaching institute for the same.

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    Physics as a whole is indeed a very interesting subject and so is the case of Mechanics. However, one thing is clear, you have to understand the fundamental principles governing verging a certain law. You need to have a clarity in understanding the different approaches and then only you can arrive at the concluding result.
    To make you understand the initial velocity at which a stone is thrown upward. It must reach a maximum height before it should move down ward. In that case, the final velocity of the stone is zero prior to its downward movement. Since at the initial stage the stone is moving upward and so applying the formula 0= U Squre - 2 g H since V = 0 when the stopped prior to coming downward. We can calculate the initial velocity U easily in terms of meter per sec where g is equal to 9.8 meter per sec.
    So, in order to grasp the entire mechanism, you would require a sound tutor who can understand your problem and can guide you accordingly. Will it not only strengthen your fundamentals, it would arouse your interest further in learning different concept of Physics including Mechanics.

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    Internet can be useful in this place. You can find that there are some of the explainer videos for those concepts. You can find those concepts on the TED ED and few other places. You can also find the concept properly explained in Wikipedia too. Mechanics makes use of the Physics principles so it's going to be a good. I think using explainer videos can be a good option to learn about it. You can also find some of the physics related Youtube channels which can explain this lot better to you. There are some of the websites out there which can give you access to such content. But that content maybe paid so you may have to pay for it to access. For free content, youtube and vimeo seems to be the only option.

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    Starts with basic concepts of physics. Language and theory is hard to understand of physics. Try to read theory of HC verma book which is easier to understand. Some of the websites explaining the concepts of physics in hindi so study in hindi because some words in english is hard to understand and language use in books is hard so its bettar to learn in hindi. One/two slow reading will give you a deep understanding of some of the basic concepts of physics. If you follow that by solving the solved examples and exercise behind each chapter, you will be easily able to understand most of the concepts. Another suggestion is to join a coaching classes with your teacher of physics because many of the exercises is tough to solve so he can help you to clear your concepts.

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