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    How to stop annoying ads from appearing on an Android phone

    Fed up of constant ads intruding on your screen each time you connect to the Net via your smart phone? Get quick expert step by step guidance on how you could stop ads from popping up on the screen every now and then.

    When I am on the Net, advertisements are constantly appearing on my Android phone. Is there any way to prevent this? It is very irritating, with practically every minute different ads popping up. Sometimes, even the Play Store will open suddenly, automatically. How to stop this?
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    Adblock plus is best plugin and browser ad blocking software. For AdBlock Plus onto your device, you first need to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. Go to Apps > Settings > More and click on Security.
    Next, check the option that reads Unknown Sources. Now from browser download and install adblock plus.
    Other ways is to stop notifications of unnecessary apps. Turn off internet like Wifi or 4G when you are not using internet based apps.
    There is one more paid app Ad Blocker & Data Toggle which allows to block ads by choice. It is effective but you have to pay for it one time

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    The divice has build up a significan amount of junk and unknown sources apps and files installed in your Android Operating System. When you surf the web, some malacious software automatically install apps without your knowledge. And when you are connected to the internet, the ads are popping up now and then which is very annoying and frustrating.

    Open Settings> Application Management> and locate the app that size is less than 3MB. Sometimes these type of file size are 500KB, 1MB, 2MB ecetera. Go and uninstall it. This makes the user asking to click the advertisement constantly. Every time your data connection is turned on, the ads suddenly appear.

    Most web browsers: Google Chrome, Opera and UC browser has pre-installed Adblocker and one can block ads through the browser settings and activating it. No additional app required.

    To avoid such malacious files to infect the device and annoy us, download Avast app from Google Play store, install and activate the browsing shield to surf the web.

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    Go to Google Playstore and download Adblock app for Android or Chrome then install it. You won't get any irritate after that.

    The second step is, try to use Opera browser which is already have Adblock option by default.

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