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    Can I be eligible for human resources career

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    I am in PG pre final year. Can you suggest HR jobs?
    I am from Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan) and and we few HR institutes here.
    Can you suggest me some idea for doing my best so that I will be a successful man in my life?
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    I think if you're interested in recruitment HR jobs then you can apply to Noida based companies. Also if you are into HR work then you can apply for HR admin jobs within Gujrat. Lot of opportunities there in Gujrat. Also HR backoffice jobs are plenty to find. You just have to find the one that suits your requirement. And then see where that opportunity takes you.

    Most of the HR based work doesn't require institutional education. But you have to learn from others work and then proceed. For example, there are many internship and trainee HR jobs that you can apply too. If you don't find much work in Rajasthan, then you have to apply in other states. Gujrat and Noida being closer from your location can be another option for you.

    Pick the one with low salary initially and then after 1 year apply to other places for better salary. That should set your career on track.

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    Human- resources is the area where you have to apply your managerial skill to upgrade the potentials of the employees so that the productivity of the company can be enhanced with the the available human - resources. Of course, there are numerous institutes which provide in depth studies for the augmentation of human resources and such tools offered by them can be implemented in practical field of work.
    Regardless of the institution from where you have done your management - degree, you have to show your inclination in the improvement of cultures of the employees to meet the company - target. That would require your ability to communicate effectively with both the employees and your boss and you need to work hard to mobilise your employees. Here success lies in your persuasive skill to train the people.
    You may get your assignment in HR appearing in leading News - papers such as Times of India, The Hindus, The Hindustan Times or still better you can track the advertisements appearing in You may start your job with a meagre remuneration but prove your worth in the initial phase of your service. Later, you can change your company after acquiring two years of work - experience so that your emoluments match with your sustained efforts.

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    Human Resources are very important for any Organisation for its prosperity. The other assets of a Organisation like Machinery, Money and Material are not having Brains. They work as you plan it. They work as you tune it. But unlike the other 3 Ms, the fourth M is different. They are having brains. So make them to dance to our tunes is difficult. Here the role of HR department comes in. All big Organisations will have a dedicated HR Department. So if you want to take up an assignment in that line, please go for a MBA in HR. That will give you lot of inputs about the methodology, techniques and tools for a better application of your skills in this line. After that you can go for any good company and you can take up the assignment.
    always confident

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    One issue here is that you did not mention the stream that you are pursuing your PG in. But from the information you have given, I am assuming that you are not an MBA yet. So I will suggest that you opt for an MBA course in HR. MBA is Master's in Business Administration. A lot of HR related jobs need knowledge in the business field. That is why all those who want a career in the HR or Human Resources domain opt for the MBA course.
    It will be better if you pursue MBA in distance mode. One really good university that offers distance MBA is IGNOU. The best thing about this distance education is that the course is offered on Saturdays and Sundays. Rest of the days can be utilized to study another course or pursue a full time job. The eligibility criteria for MBA in HR, whether from distance or regular institutes are:
    1. You must be a graduate with a minimum of 50% in the aggregate score after the final year of graduation.
    2. If along with the above criterion, you clear any MBA entrance examination like CAT or MAT or OPENMAT, then you will be eligible to study the MBA course of your preferred stream.

    This will help you appear for various HR jobs which are as follows:
    1. You will become a junior HR executive initially. Your job will be to see that the recruitment procedure in the company goes smoothly.
    2. After 5 years you will become senior HR executive. Here along with the previous duty, you will have to prepare the salary sheets of the employees, salary slips for an entire marketing region of the company.
    3. Finally after 10-15 years, you can become HR managers. Then you will be conducting induction meetings with the junior employees. You will also have to look after each and every issue raised by any employee.

    I hope all this information helps.

    Live life Kingsize!

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