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    Want my wife to do HSC privately through Mumbai university

    Interested in doing HSC privately in Mumbai? Searching for admission related information? Find responses from experts on this page.

    I am looking for private 12th through Mumbai University for my wife as she left 11th half the way. How to go about it and where can I get the forms for the same? I am looking for banking sector or teaching line for my wife.
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    The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers courses to students to continue or pursue higher studies for everyone. One can opt for full time or part time courses. The full time courses takes less time for completion and part time takes additional time frame. A students can study lessons at home, prepare assignments, and attend induction programs conducted by co-ordinator's and teachers.

    This is the best preference for employers, house wives, and part time study and distance education. For high school drop outs they have to start with Bachealor Preparatory Programme (BPP) before pursuing higher studies in any course.

    In your case, your wife should approach the co-ordinator for admission and attach her previous qualification to get admission in Arts, Science or Commerce. Since she has completed her Matriculate, she doesn't need to complete BPP. She can study privately.

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    Mr. Gonsalves: Please remember that nowadays X+II is conducted by Boards, not by Universities. Earlier, Matriculation (Xth) used to be done through Universities. When the number of candidates became unmanageable, it was brought under the control of State Boards. Similarly, I.Sc/I.Com/IA (X+II level) was conducted by Universities. Now this has been shifted to Boards.

    So, if your wife wants to pursue X+II as an external/private candidate , she will have to register herself in National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). Please check the website( for further details.

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    Most humbly and respectfully I would like to know whether the first answer is correct or not. The question seeks information about X+II and not about BPP.
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    The answer is perfect and is very much relevant. BPP is the programme offered by IGNOU to those students who could not complete 10 + 2 and are not eligible for applying for bachelor's degree. But these students want to do and obtain a bachelor degree as this is the minimum qualification required for applying for many of the jobs in India.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Ms. Kalyani: As far as I know BPP is valid only internally (within IGNOU) for the purpose of Graduation from IGNOU only. This is not recognised outside. I mean to say that a candidate can't take admission in Graduation on the basis of BPP in any other University.
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    Yes Partha you are right. BPP is required for doing a graduation course in IGNOU only.
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    Thanks Ms. Kalyani. Actually I used to deal with IGNOU when I was in Min. of HRD (Deptt. of Higher Eduation). This BPP started during my tenure in Min. of HRD. So, I know about it.
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    No need to say thanks, Partha. We all gain knowledge by sharing our knowledge on this platform. Whatever, I know about IGNOU, I shared it and you too shared your knowledge here. In fact, your answer is authentic as you mentioned that you were / worked in the Dept.

    Your wife can appear 12th from open school (NIOS) or through open universities. Some of the universities (I'm sorry I don't know exactly which universities) offer certain courses after 10th which are equivalent to 12th. I think, Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University in Nasik offers one such course that's equivalent to 12th. Pls google to find out.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Since the author's wife is intrigued to pursue higher studies or complete her studies in 12th privately as she left 11th half the way, the author is looking for admission in Mumbai University.

    The answer is yes. However, since the person hasn't completed her studies while she had been pursuing 12th, it will be considered /null. The Open or distance learning universities are the best preference.

    Partha and Maam Kalyani, for your kind information, IGNOU is in the top list of Open University in India. Please refer to this article before you both agree to each other. And in Ask Expert section, when you post your answers, attach or provide detailed information with supporting points instead of posting a chat messages. This information will not only help the author but also for people seeking help regarding for the same.

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    Mr. John Deo: Let us shift our discussion to a fresh Forum post. No doubt IGNOU is the best Open University in India, but Universities don't conduct X+II anymore.
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    NIOS conducts exam for the students ,who are not in regular mode.Please visit at National Institute of Open Schooling and fill the exam form.The certificate is valued all over.
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    It's not the question of agreeing or disagreeing or chat messaging with one another, but this is on providing relevant / authentic information to the member who posted the question. Lest he will be in confusion.

    Please note that in your very first answer you have provided some info on BPP of IGNOU mentioning that it is the best option for home-makers etc. Check the last para / last line of the very same answer of yours where you mentioned that the questioner's wife don't need to do BPP. This statement of yours is quite contradictory and will confuse the questioner. If BPP course is not suitable for the questioner's wife, then there is no point in providing info on BPP.

    Mr.Daniel has asked how / where his wife can do her 12th. The experts are supposed to provide relevant answers / opinion so that it would be helpful for the questioner in finding out a solution for his problem but it should not make him more confused.

    So, expert members should provide relevant / authentic answers if they know for sure and ensure that their answers are helpful / useful at least to some extent. Please try to understand this basic fact.

    Thanks & Regards

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