Port Forwarding/Communicating with ESP8266-E

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I have a Desktop Lenovo PC with Intex 11n USB Wifi module (Realtek 8192CU) linked wirelessly through an Ethernet modem/router (GLB-502T, ADSL2+Router) to BSNL wired Broadband. It can be logged into using default Address To connect to GLB-502T wirelessly, I have used a Tenda Wireless N300 Router Model FH330, whose WAN port is physically connected to WAN port of GLB-502T using ethernet cable. Tenda router can be logged into using default address My Intex USB Wifi adapter indicates its IP address as (range to, has been set aside for LaN connections by me in Tenda router settings. Please note that Tenda Wireless N300 Router does not have any in-built modem and that is the reason for my using GLB-502T modem with wired broadband connection from BSNL

In the above mentioned complex situation, how should I program a commercially available Wifi Micro-controller module ESP8266 to gain access to it wirelessly and make it part of my home network with an address in the range of to