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    How to increase visitors to my YouTube Channel?

    Interested in increasing hits on a Youtube channel? Searching for methods to do so? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    I have started a YouTube channel for the students of science and mathematics. I will teach them the basic rules of mathematics and different topics of science. I have posted five videos there but I have not received many visitors?
    This is the link of my YouTube channel.
    Let me know the ways through which I can be able to increase visitors at my YouTube channel. Let me also suggest some tips to improve this channel.
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    All you have to do is market your youtube video links. You will automatically get subscribers.
    1. Post your youtube videos links in social media like facebook , twitter, whatsapp.
    2. Videos gets searched based on keywords so be unique on it. Think as visitor perspective and give good label to video.
    3. Include AdSense advertisement in your video if you have AdSense approved. There might be possible to prefer your video than others if you have AdSense ads flashing.
    4. Post your video links in your websites, blogs, forums etc. If you don't have then create website. Most web hosting site provide basic site free.
    5. Promote your videos through mouth publicity during talks with friends , colleagues and families. Share your links and grow network.

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    I just checked your channel from your link above. Here are some of my suggestions.

    1. Add a good channel cover at the top.
    2. Use channel specific profile picture.
    3. Use thumbnails for your videos.
    4. Promote your channel videos in study related forums. e.g. You have videos in maths. So find math related forum or community and share it.
    5. Get some social media traffic. Say twitter and Facebook. That traffic definitely helps with the monetization.
    6. Promote your videos through facebook groups, whatsapp groups. Make sure to share link and not video itself.

    These are channel specific tips for you. In case if you want to work further. i suggest opening a blog and posting videos in it. That way you will continue to get views.

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    Try to use the best searchable and relevant keywords for the video upon uploading to YouTube.

    Make sure the video has enough information plus reasonable quality which visitors can stay for a long duration and get the ample info.

    Promoting those videos in few social networking sites like Google Plus and Twitter etc. might help you.

    You may also promote those videos in a right way and it shall not be like a SPAM way which you might face an issue.

    Try to create a separate account on social networking sites just to mention the URL of such videos (with some duration gap) and possibly fans/ subscribers might increase in the future.

    You can also show those videos on your own (relevant) posts or article somewhere or on your blog to enrich them.

    Some of the important points are already given by the members above, so, I am avoiding it here.

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    For increasing visitors on your youtube channel, you must keep forwarding the link of your videos to social networking sites. Just keep posting videos on your youtube channel and use proper keywords. For attracting viewers towards your videos, Make sure the content you have posted is interesting, informative, engaging and entertaining. If a viewer watches your video full-length youtube will rank your video. Identify your audience target and write your script based off of their understanding. Add lines at the end of the video( click on this link, subscribe to my channel, etc).

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    Whenever you upload the video on YouTube, ensure you create a KILLER THUMBNAIL image with text. Add a proper and detailed description with previous video URL links, Twitter profile link, Google+ link, Facebook follow links, WhatsApp chat number.

    I upload tutorial videos like bypassing Lock screen and how TOS. if they are unable to get through or unsuccessful then they will directly follow you on twitter or contact you on WhatsApp.

    Connect you Twitter bootstrap and allow automatic share whenever you upload videos. Most of the subscribers, and viewers comes from out side YouTube so you need to be active in social medias like twitter and Google+.

    You can also try alternative methods like Traffup, AddMeFast, and etc sites that offers free subscribers on the go by exchanging them.

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