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    Which city is the most clean in the world?

    Searching for the cleanest city in the world? Wondering what they do to keep clean? On this page you read the responses from experts.

    There are a lot of cities in the world from which one is so clean? What does they do to keep clean? What precautions do they take to keep the city clean? What is their every day activity to keep the city clean? What are the rules and regulations in that city?
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    While it very difficult to get the details of which city in the world is most clean because no such survey has been conducted so far. However based on our own survey and thanks to Swacch Bharath Survekshan, Indore city in Madhya Pradesh has been adjudged as the best clean city in Indian followed by Bhopal in the same state. The third rank went to Vizag in AP. One thing is sure from next year there would be tuff competitions from many cities across the country to get the coveted award from the center. Even best clean towns would be vying for the top honor. Whether the cities would get award or not, every citizen must keep the environs clean to have lung space to breath easy.,
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    It is difficult to tell the number one cleanest city in the world because there are various parameters on which cleanliness is based.

    However some of the top cities in respect of cleanliness are-
    Calgary (canada)
    Luxembourg city

    Singapore (Singapore)
    Oslo ( Norway)
    Vienna (Austria)
    Freiburg (Germany)
    Adelaide (Australia )
    Zurich (Switzerland )
    Kobe (Japan)
    Hamburg (Germany)
    Chicago (USA)

    Depending on the survey parameters these cities compete for top ranks. Meanwhile new cities also come up for ranking and old rankers may go down in the ranking.

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    All these cities which Mr. Umesh mentioned are from Developed countries. So what essentially changes to get them so clean. Here are facts.
    1. Well grounded gutters, sanitation trash bins at regular intervals.
    2. Organized cleaning staff and equipment's. The government cleaning staff don't pick up things which are outside dumpster. People have to make sure irrespective of what size of your trash is , you have to put stuff into dumpster. A garbage truck automatically pickup dumpster and put into truck.
    3. Community service is compulsory for all people. This is most important which is not enforced in India. Community service includes to clean street sides, lawns, parks etc.
    4. Proactive ness of people to keep home and surrounding clean.

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    There is no any official declaration about any number one clean city in the world. AS per some private agencies reports Calgary in Canada is the number one clean city in the world. This is followed by Hamburg in Germany.

    In India there is an official declaration about clean city in India.
    1. Indore, MP 2. Bhopal, MP and 3. Visakhapatnam, AP

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    To keep the city clean or as the best clean city in the world, people and Government organization (like corporation etc.) shall cooperate each other always beside few welfare organization that time to time does contribute to keep some clean city. We have to remember those organization as well even though they contribute when needed mostly.

    There are many clean cities exists in the world but those cities name doesn't normally reflect in the survey report nor people really visited the city to accept it or ignored them just blindly following the few random report.

    If you go to Far East countries like Singapore then you will accept it as one of the clean city in the world. If you go to Middle East countries like Abu Dhabi (in UAE) then you would agree it as one of the clean cities in the world. Riyadh (Saudi Arabia's capital) is one of the clean city in the world and you will definitely agree if you visit that place.

    Other than these cities, there are some more clean cities in the world which already mentioned above. The natural cities like Calgary (Canada), Vienna (Austria), Luxembourg, Zurich (Switzerland ), Kyoto (Japan) etc. are the best in this category.

    Hafeezur Rahman
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